Would you leave your baby just sleeping in a hotel room while low to dinner?


Would you leave your baby just sleeping in a hotel room while low to dinner?

Travel with children not ever is easy, and travel with babies probably even less so. We can make many plans but end, meet them all can become complicated because life with young children is often very unpredictable.

For example, they could have planned a family dinner but it is that your baby’s bedtime becomes and he falls asleep in the hotel room until they could go out to dinner. What do you do in that case? They resign themselves to that it does not come out and ask for room service or leave your spouse for something? Or they leave a baby asleep in the room while they go down to dinner at the hotel’s restaurant?

This last was what a British mother and her spouse, and she did it tells anonymously in an article for the Telegraph.

She starts saying that traveling with your spouse and your 11-month-old baby to visit some friends, but having also these children at home, they chose to stay in a hotel to be more comfortable. As the new mother was tired after pregnancy and don’t have the same ease to exit how did before having your baby. So he made easy (and narrates it, exciting) put your baby in his crib travel, turn the monitor to monitor it and quietly leave the room to go to dinner.

I don’t know if my reaction is exaggerated but when I read this I was impressed. It is this woman talking seriously? Leave your eleven-month-old baby asleep completely alone in a hotel room just because you want to get off to dine alone seems risky.

I want to make very clear at this point that in no way I am judging it. I do not think that it is the worst mother or a bad mother, or think we should attack it for what he did. But definitely, I wouldn’t do it. It reminds me a bit to some cases that I will never end to understand, as the mothers who leave alone to their babies to leave the House. What interests me in this article is to answer the following question: is she too confident or am I too paranoid?

In its history it says that dinner was fast. Before 10 o’clock they were already back in his hotel room, brushing teeth and putting on Pajamas “like ninjas” to avoid waking the baby. So far she hadn’t thought most in their decision.

But the next day, when they gather with friends who came to visit and tell them what happened, who begins to doubt of having done the right thing when they react with face concern. His friends were told that hotels do not work for your family because they would never leave their children alone, since it seems to them to be very risky.

After that talk, during the course of the week she was talking with other parents, and everyone agreed that what they had done was awful and careless. Causing me curiosity and amazement here is the reaction of her responses to other parents: “I’m sorry, but if you think that, you are leaving that fear of the unknown – or at least the very improbable things fear – drive their lives”. Because according to it all that did was leave your baby sleeping peacefully in another room, as does his home every night.

But hey, a hotel is not the same as a House. At home the distances are much smaller, there are no elevators or stairs very long or far. There is a key that you should get to enter the room. At home, you are in a small and safe environment. Known, familiar, comfortable, quiet. A hotel, which is good, it seems to me that there are many things and situations that you could not prevent or control. The article does not mention floor were, but even assuming that the room was on the next floor of the restaurant, yet you must travel a great distance and pass through several doors to get to the room.

In no way I want to sound paranoid, but we have to be realistic: many things beyond your control can happen. For example, what will happen in the event that the fire alarm is activated and all the guests began to evacuate? I am sure that trying to run against a crowd of people is not easy. Or if for some reason someone saw them down and tries to get to steal from your room? Yes, it is not a common situation, but nor is it impossible.

I want to get is the following: would worth the risk to your baby, leaving her alone in a hotel room just because wanted them to dine alone? I don’t think so. We are talking about a baby in just 11 months. The mother says that all the time they were watching it by the monitor, but I come back to the point that I mentioned earlier: If something happens, longer distances at a hotel. It is not the same run up room in your House, walk through Gates and raise floors in a hotel.

And well, somehow reassuring to know that this is a very particular case and that most mothers apparently agree with my point of view. The article was shared in the Mom Cave TV page and the opinions of mothers did not wait. Most have been reviews in which have made it very clear that none of them would never do something like this, but others insult mother and accused of negligence and abandonment.

Some mothers even commented that there are various options that they could have taken to avoid leaving your baby alone, and ask for room service, early dinner all together not to interrupt the hours of sleep of the baby or even check if the hotel offered baby-sitting service.

Hopefully this was just a poor choice of a mother desperate to have some alone time with your spouse and is something that will not be repeated, because apparently it is somewhat repentant of having done. Fortunately not nothing happened to your daughter, but I think that when you have a child, there is nothing more valuable or more important than their safety.

Do you what would you have done instead? Would you leave your baby alone in a hotel room to go to dinner?