When you know what happens to neglected babies do not return them to stop crying


When you know what happens to neglected babies do not return them to stop crying

Is there something more disturbing that many babies in her crib, alone, awake, and in silence? No doubt a strange image, which shocked this thrives and decided, after seeing her, never letting your baby cry and appreciate the beautiful but exhausting task of parenting. A photo that has become viral and proving that when you know what happens to neglected babies do not return them to stop crying.

It’s Dayna Mager, Michigan (United States), and the photo her husband took her to get home one day and find it lying next to his five-month-old daughter Luella, in her crib. Remember her promise made to your baby when, at a conference after a music concert, a missionary unveiled a heartbreaking story.

The mother explains how motherhood has made her more fragile, more sensitive and that explains the impact that he suffered, but in my opinion any person would be affected by that. The story is that of a missionary who, when visiting an orphanage in Uganda, entered a room with more than 100 full of baby cribs.

He listened with astonishment, without understanding that silence, unfit, rare in a place with children. Your hostess explained why: “After a week of being here, crying for countless hours, time stops when they realize that passports for them…”. In the end, they leave crying.

Neglected, abandoned and with sequels real even if it is difficult to determine, it seems that “are no longer babies”, stop being little people and somehow they dehumanize to leave crying.

Why, mother, beaten by this reality, with the broken heart, recovered and made a promise to herself and her baby: promised that he would always come when you need it, that he would always be hers. Always.

Cry to the two in the morning, at five o’clock or hourly by last night, by very exhausted you are, is not worth show them that we are there, along with our children? Trying to calm the baby is paramount so that you feel the fear of loneliness and abandonment, the terror that the children in the orphanage must have felt for so many hours…

The image of the mother with the baby in his crib has more than 65,000 “likes” and has been shared more than 23,000 times, not the image itself, which at the end and all is quite common, but for everything that entails, by history leading back. Some abandoned babies and a mother who, when they know what happens to neglected children makes the promise not to let his daughter never cry more, not leave it alone, always be there for her.