What is a baby shower


What is a baby shower

Baby shower is a tradition has its origin in the United States and, as its name suggests, boasts practicality receive a shower of gifts (shower is ‘shower’ in English) before the imminent arrival of the baby, that helps parents deal with this stage of an easier way.

This maternity party was born more than 100 years to honor the mother-to-be and consisted of a meeting only of women, which was held to celebrate the birth of the first baby of the family, where they exchanged experiences and offered advice to pregnant women on baby care, childbirth, and postpartum, which no doubt would serve as a great help to pregnant women when it comes to become a mother.

The Organization of baby shower almost always depended on a close friend, a woman close to the MOM, since I wasn’t well seen a woman’s family asked for gifts for other relatives.

With the passage of time, the rules of the Protocol are have been relaxing and baby showers may be mixed or only of men, some are also held after birth, can be made for the second son and the following or the adopted children, and even more than one baby shower for son, for example, one of co-workers and other family members and friends can be held.

In addition, in the last years, the grandmother of the baby, sisters-in-law or host sisters have become the substitute for friends as organizers of the baby shower, especially among Latin Americans; Although it is also common that the own mother is the organizer of the event.

What is a baby shower

Baby shower is a celebration that focuses on the delivery of gifts and guests can direct them both to the MOM and the baby. The top 10 gifts for the MOM focuses on treatments of beauty, hairdressing, a session of spa, massages, a romantic dinner for two, sweets, tarjetas-regalo, tickets for shows, relaxing music and jewelry with an engraving of memory.

The baby, the number 1 in the list of gifts at a baby shower are diapers, specifically the cake of diapers, followed by games of bottles, clothes to escape, bedding crib, stroller, crib or Moses, toys, chairs rocking or vibrating, Intercoms and Sling backpacks.

One of the main events of baby shower is the opening of gifts. Besides enjoying the surprise of the mother-to-be or parents group, lets you socialize and thanking guests for their collaboration. It is common in the United States then send thank-you cards, however latinos not considered required this custom and they would prefer to receive the graces with a warm hug and a big smile.

But, without a doubt, the ultimate in gifts for the baby shower are lists or registration of the baby, which is done in a practical way the classical list of wedding. They are very popular in United States, although they are gradually spreading to other countries. Register MOM can do it at the store of your choice, through the Internet (some sites have no physical shop) or both. Invitations should include the form of contact with the baby registry. These lists have the advantage of presenting a variety of items of different prices for all budgets and avoid that the guests repeated gifts.

What is a baby shower

When organizing a baby shower, there are several things that we have to think in advance, from where to hold the party, or who will be invited and how and when to get invitations:

When and where to hold the party

The place to organize the baby shower has no fixed rules. It is usually choose home to MOM, grandmother, friend, sister House… either a public place such as a club, a restaurant or a cafe, a park and even in a nightclub, when many guests. The food and drink have a leading role in this event, although it is not prepare meals or formal dinners. Conversely, the baby shower often carried out mid-morning or average late for that match with the Saxon brunch or the appetizer latino, if held in the morning, or snack, if the appointment is in the afternoon.

The date is also freedom of choice. Baby showers are more fun in the last trimester of pregnancy, when the MOM can wear proudly their pregnant belly. They are often held from the sixth month of pregnancy, specifically the seventh and eighth are the favourite months. However, some families prefer to celebrate this feast of late form, which allows to introduce baby to all friends and family members.

Before mark a date on the calendar for the party is necessary to check with the guests. For them, it is practical to create a group of WhatsApp for the guest list or check email with all of them to determine the best available for most weekend. Thus, nobody will miss the appointment.

The invited to the baby shower

A celebration of women, or men, or a baby shower mixed? With family and friends, or with coworkers? The possibilities are varied and for all tastes. So if you have a traditional or modern character, or if it’s an intimate or multitudinous, meeting a list of guests is essential. It is ideal to finish the list with the help of the future Popes to not forget about anyone or invite someone who parents would have preferred to exclude.

The decision on the list of the guests also helps to plan other issues such as invitations, decoration, theme, venue, food… This is the case of baby showers for the future Pope. Baby showers for men are typically held in bars or pubs, the future grandfather’s house or at the home of one of his friends. They tend to coincide with the broadcast of a major sporting event or you are organised around video games or table games. They are the friends of the future Pope who are generally responsible for organizing the party and entertain you with gifts to help you with the arrival of your baby.

The baby mixed showers are common in Latino families. And they also tend to be crowded since come several generations, from grandparents to grandchildren, and take advantage to invite friends also. This involves organising activities for children and adults, have a quiet place for babies to rest, prepare different types of food for adults and children, and have one larger space.

Prepare the guest list when it comes to a baby shower surprise tends to be more complicated. In order to give the nail on the head, should be be someone very close to parents or having an accomplice close to them who can help not to leave anyone out.

Invitations for baby shower

What is a baby showerYour guests can receive their traditional or virtual, invitations by mail or e-mail. You can buy them, make them handmade, print, or design them with movement. The important thing is the message and that include basic information on the invitation: what, when, where, confirmation and, if there has been a list or register of gifts, contact details.

If possible, three weeks is the perfect time to send invitations to baby shower in advance. In this way, it is easier to balance agendas to reserve that day.

What is a baby shower

If you are thinking of organizing a baby shower there are four keys to keep in mind: food, decoration, games and memories. Takes note of how to succeed in all of them:

Baby shower food

The main advantage of baby shower is allowing stay well offering a menu of brunch with natural sandwiches, snacks and juices, for example, or made with savory dishes typical of a buffet for snacking, if the celebration takes place at media tomorrow. If the snack is Middle late, an assortment of sweet and savory, with coffee, tea and juices or soft drinks, will delight your guests. For the greedy and exquisite, can not miss the pastries, the cupcakes and decorated cookies.

Depending on the intended budget for the party and formal or informal character, always you can choose the menu and order a catering food or ask for help to the most nearby friends for help cooking for the holidays. In the United States, it is customary to ask guests who come to the party with a dish to share and to share. Potluck-style or costume parties are (you bring this, you this, other), who download busy hosts. Among latinos this habit is not so widespread, considering it a nuisance to the guest, but little by little, is being introduced especially when guests are people you trust.

The dish of food for a baby shower will always be the cake, a multi-storey cake decorated with the chosen that remember the sex of the baby or the theme of the party.

What is a baby shower

Baby shower decoration

Baby shower party decoration is fundamental, transforms the environment, gives a personal touch to the celebration and souvenir photographs are precious. For decoration, it is essential to have chosen the theme of the party previously, which will allow the foot to create many details game to decorate tables, chairs, dishes, glasses, cake, flower arrangements, wreaths, PomPoms… The event can be thematic, coinciding with the sex of the baby, or you can let the imagination and go beyond set it with children’s characters, storytelling, circus, butterflies, bears, storks, fairy-themed…

The theme in the decoration can be extended to other aspects also such as the presentation of food and drinks, music, and of course, the piñata, which can take various forms.

Some of the elements that can not miss on a baby shower decoration are cake or tart of diapers, welcome wreath, PomPoms, the wishing tree, gift boxes, the glasses and plates personalized cakes…

Games for baby shower

They are the soul of the party, serve to make the celebration more fun and liven up the meeting. Games symbolize one of the main traditions of baby shower and are always present in these events. Prepare them in advance is crucial, since some need certain materials to play. These are some of the most fun:

  1. How much is tummy. Tape and scissors are distributed to the guests so calculated as accurately as possible the extent of the contour of the MOM’s tummy. Which approach is more wins.
  2. Baby bingo. A version of the classic bingo, but with words related to baby. You have to previously prepare cartons or leaves for singing line and bingo.
  3. Diaper surprise. It consists of placing a gift or a Bonbon in a diaper and among several trying to guess where.
  4. Who is that baby? It is necessary to ask prior guests photographs theirs when they were babies. The game is to guess who’s who with each photography.
  5. Baby words. Do know how many words about the universe of the baby? Choose a letter and mark time. Who wins more words typed.
  6. Balloons and shoes. With a balloon attached on the belly must be tied down a shoe laces or sports in the shortest possible time.
  7. Give him the bottle. Fills several juice bottles and give them to guests in pairs. You have to drink it in the shortest possible time.
  8. Choose the name of the baby. It consists of writing the largest number of possible names when the MOM says a letter of alphabet.
  9. Let’s eat. The MOM should give food to Pope about custard blindfolded.
  10. The regalia of the baby. Fill a bag with baby items. Band eyes to the guests, who must guess the object touch.


It is customary to deliver a small gift or remember the guests at the end of the party. They tend to be tiny objects purchased or handmade, related with baby, its name or the maternity party-themed and have a card with a sweet to remember phrase, the name of the baby and the baby shower date.