Training to gain muscle out of the gym: the TRX


Training to gain muscle out of the gym: the TRX

Spring is synonymous with Sun and vegetation everywhere. The days are longer and this makes it we most want go out to practice sport. That’s why, on this occasion we want to initiate a review by the sports that you can practice outdoors and keep working our muscle mass. On this occasion we will begin with a sport already known to everyone, the TRX.

The ideal to train with TRX is the street. Spring is one of the best moments because the temperature is ideal for sports and we will also feel more motivated. Originally this discipline was invented so that American soldiers could train anywhere and so was devised a kind of harnesses that will help us to exercise with the weight of our body movements and postures that impact more in one part or another of the body, depending on what you want to work.

Format of the TRX bands