Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals


Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals

We started the month of April already tucked completely in the spring and Easter just around the corner. It is one of my favorite months of the year and I am delighted that it is my turn to bring you these weeks our walk by the gastronomy of the network. Browse in the kitchens of the blogosphere is one of my favorite hobbies, and this time I come loaded with recipes for rice and other cereals.

Perhaps because at this time it assails me nostalgia for my land of Murcia and I remember much of the rice for my mother and my grandmother, but the fact is that the body is asking rich recipes with rice. I must not be the only one, since in the last few days we have found many different proposals, all very appetizing. And to also give more variety I bring alternatives with other cereals, there are options for everyone!

Pecking and many vegetables

Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals

It is always a good idea to start with ideas for Peck and open mouth, and why have enchanted me the vagaries of rice with almond cuina of the dolorss Blog. Imitating the arancini Italians, these balls are made with long and wild rice, and a touch of chopped almonds that must go you in fear. They are vegetarian, but we can serve them with a more omnivorous option as croquettes of minced meat, cheese and rice that we propose in soup soup. Best vegan snacking? Patties of rice that teaches us Jenny Rodríquez of my vegan recipes would be great in mini format.

We continue the rice menu with complete that vegetables are the main protagonists. When I see a dish as 24 carrots artichokes rice I can’t help but remember rice Orchard of my house, always with artichokes and rice from Calasparra. Also with this vegetable is the recipe of Raul from with you on the beach, but leads to Italy with his risotto with artichokes, with an irresistible texture. And if we want to travel even further, the colorful loyal Laube vegetable biryani will bring memories of the India and what is perfect to take advantage of leftovers and remnants of vegetables that you have in the fridge.

Rice from the sea and land

Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals

In theory, a plate of rice with fish would be typical these days of abstinence of lent. But of course, to see the good looking which have recipes like risotto with lobster and Sweet and Sour any cockles would say that it is food of penance. There is desire to share in the terrace rice of this kind, worthy of a good Sunday with family or friends, same as arròs amb floricol i market Calabajio bacalla. Typical Easter in Valencian lands, insurance that will delight all at home at any time of the year. Are already tired of cod? As we change the fish and Cook, for example, the recipe for rice with mackerel that does not lack a parsley, also very appealing.

Let at the moment the air sailors to return to Earth and del monte. Fentdetutto blog we always expect great recipes for rice dishes, and its proposal of sticky rice with rabbit with Campion and asparagus does not disappoint us. If, like me, you love you that creamy texture of the rice, surely you will also want to try the recipe for sticky rice with ribs that has cooked La Juani de Ana Sevilla. Better a more loose and exotic touch rice? Eva Style of smells good! suggest us a dish of beef with rice and vegetables, easy and well full.

There is life beyond the rice

Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals

Yes, with so many varieties of rice and possible ways cook it it is difficult to be bored, but would be a shame to devote attention to other grains in the kitchen also. Cereals and pseudocereals that will bring us more nutrition and taste, richness to encourage a little more our menus. For example, in my house the couscous is a basic pantry, since in addition to being a good fitting allows us to prepare recipes such as integral couscous with spring tempeh. It is an original and very simple dish that proposes Raquel from eat.

More traditional and also very appealing is the integral couscous with vegetables and chicken José Manuel at Asopaipas, sharing the rich touch of Ras el Hanout. And finally we have good ideas for cooking with quinoa; first original Crunchy muesli of quinoa and oats of Laura in Shoot the Cook, then spent a healthy Salad from quinoa prepared by Lidia’s or in caught in my kitchen, and finally ended up with rich quinoa with pistachios and raisins of Olga in Veganizando. So full of spices that almost looks like a dessert!

Tour of the gastronomy of the network: 17 recipes of rice and other cereals

I hope that it has been opened you appetite much like me with this assortment of recipes for rice and other cereals. What dish you most like? I hope within seven days to see what is happening on the culinary blogosphere with a new installment of the promenade by the gastronomy of the network. Will it be Easter completely in the atmosphere?