To the surprise of many, the new pyramid nutrition including supplements and alcohol is finally approved


To the surprise of many, the new pyramid nutrition including supplements and alcohol is finally approved

Some time ago we talked precisely about the disaster that are emerging as the new recommendations of the food pyramid proposed by the SENC, and to the surprise of many, finally approved the new update including supplements and alcohol, innovations that have tousled experts and nutritionists.

Inclusions that has presented the new pyramid of power, approved last week, have left no one indifferent. Despite the need is sensed on certain changes to the recommendations proposed above, it seems that in the end the thing has been as it was.

Alcohol is maintained and is equated to certain meats

If there is anything that has surprised and alarmed, in equal parts, sector nutritionist in the passage of this new pyramid is, undoubtedly, the inclusion of fermented responsible and moderate alcohol intake.

Approves the recommendation of ‘healthy’ include a moderate consumption of alcohol in the diet

The specifications for the recommended amount of alcohol has been one of the data most relevant and discussed: moderate. But what is moderate? A range of possibilities depending on the receiver, which nearly always deemed moderate. A recommendation that gets people to consider the consumption of alcohol, as practically healthy.

Only consumption is limited as: optional, moderate and responsible. One definition more than ambiguous that leaves room to personally determine the amount of alcohol to drink. A decision that certain experts and nutritionists have been described as shameful after having been more than demonstrated that the “recommended glass of wine a day” does not grant any benefit to our health, but rather quite the opposite.

To the surprise of many, the new pyramid nutrition including supplements and alcohol is finally approved

Reactions by the nutritionist industry, waiting a needed change in these recommendations, have not wait:

“What this causes is that people continue to believe that it does not hurt and, let us not forget, the alcohol is hepatotoxic” – Gabriela Uriarte, dietitian and nutritionist

“In this guide so much alcohol. It has no health benefits. At the social level consumption is very internalized, but should not be included in the pyramid. Antioxidants that can contribute, for example, wine can obtain them from other foods without having to drink alcohol “-Eider Sánchez, dietitian nutritionist from Policlínica Gipuzkoa”

Approves the addition of supplements

Another novelty that has been strongly criticized has been the inclusion of supplementation in the pyramid nutrition, as a personal choice, specifically on the cusp of it. According to stir media created around this theme, the cry comes basically from the hand that such products are not really food, so it should not be included in a pyramid official.

We all know the bad reputation that accompanies the world of supplementation, although personally I think that the topic has excessively demonized. A protein shake can be necessary or beneficial for many people who need to meet a high amount of proteins and it may be difficult to achieve only through diet, but as everything depends on each person and their needs.

It is true that include it in a pyramid official nutritional recommendations gives free rein to people who do not need such products include them in your diet without, without conferring any benefit and without really knowing what they consume, just by the mere fact that you recommend officially.

Teniendo esto en cuenta, vosotros qué pensáis, ¿deberían de incluirse, o no?

The most valued recommendations

After this series of disastrous decisions, it seems that the collaboration of more than one hundred experts in the food sector has achieved some other changes necessary and healthy in the graphic end of this new Food Guide pyramid the approved by the SENC, as the inclusion of whole grains and the balance of carbohydrates based on physical activity and personal needs.

To the surprise of many, the new pyramid nutrition including supplements and alcohol is finally approved

Other examples has been the inclusion of 60 minutes of daily physical activity, emotional balance or healthy culinary techniques, but despite these recommendations it seems that the final balance of this new nutritional update has finished being another disaster official, only, get mislead the population and as many think: “is corrupted by the interests of the large food industry”.