Thus sees the world a child with autism: Ponte a minute instead


Thus sees the world a child with autism: Ponte a minute instead

April 2 was held the day to raise awareness about autism, a disorder that is currently the child disability of higher prevalence, more than Down syndrome, childhood cancer and diabetes together.

The invisibility and misunderstanding are the main obstacles that people with autism, that face The National Autistic Society, coinciding with this date, has made public a video made with virtual reality that allows us to put them in the shoes of a 10 year old boy with autism, can put us in place for one minute and feel their way of seeing the world.

A daily and normal situation for many of us as touring a shopping mall can be a real torture for a child with autism. During just one minute we are in place and we can come to better understand the anguish that you may feel in a crowded place.

Autistic people are hiper-sensibles to the stimuli perceived in their environment. Being exposed to an enormous amount of sensory information, as it may occur in a walk through a shopping mall, they may feel completely overwhelmed.

After a minute, the point of view of the viewer changes and we can see from the outside, as if the child peacefully there. Their behavior, which seems to be having a temper tantrum, tends to be judged, but after watching the video you will understand it better. And I do not more. You have to see it because it is really very good, from the technical point of view as the message transmitting and the lesson that leaves us both.

Finally, rescue the sentence of the child at the end of the video: “I’m not bad, I am autistic and I only receive too much information”.