The traditional “Maria cookies”: a good option?


The traditional “Maria cookies”: a good option?

If we ask for a cookie healthy and suitable for all audiences, it is clear that the classic Marie biscuit would be the winner by excellence. In all its brands and alternatives, this biscuit recipe is what has commonly been associated with breakfast and healthy snack. But, are the traditional “Maria cookies” really a good choice?

From in the past, where they were already used as ingredient in many children’s porridge, even today, this type of cookies could be that they are one of the most consumed both in the child sector and in older people.

It is even common unless its consumption, by physicians, in all kinds of diets and regimes, since they tend to be associated to the idea of a kind of healthy cookie and that it fit into a balanced diet. Who has not ever heard: “the best cookies… the Maria”

Analizando la famosa “galleta María”

If we take a look at the nutritional table offering us these traditional cookies, can draw a clear conclusion: they are the healthiest, nor directly are the best nutritional choice.

In addition to the amount of sugar that incorporate, enemy No. 1 at risk of hypertension, (about 25 g / 100 g approximately), very above values containing other less famous biscuits, notably the use of Palm fat in many of these preparations, an option which, as we saw in one of our recent post on Palm oil: the supporting actor that accompanies the villain”sugar” It has become an alternative to cookie not recommended.

Of course this type of cookies are nutritionally better many other alternatives (always there are less desirable options), but because today it is absolutely mandatory to include the origin of the oils used in the manufacture of these products, we have the advantage of being able to choose really healthy choices and are not made from this type of saturated fat as little recommended.
Forget about myths: choose the option of healthier cookie is at your fingertips!

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