The three reasons that deserve the same respect that breastfeeding mothers who are bottle


The three reasons that deserve the same respect that breastfeeding mothers who are bottle

For a long time, and even now, has fought for normalizing nursing and get that mothers who breastfeed their babies may do so where necessary, not to be told that they should go elsewhere, unless you look at them wrong, and without it your opinion actually about something that is not up to the rest.

While both, while breastfeeding has been settling down as the normal food for babies (remember that decades ago wasn’t it, because it was considered better, or at least equal, artificial milk), women giving bottle gone feeling also looks and receiving comments, criticisms, and opinions that have not asked.

As well, here are the three reasons why mothers who are bottle deserve the same respect that breastfeeding.

A moment, who says them nothing?

I don’t know who, but they are told. It is true that sometimes they feel offended or uncomfortable without reason, and here we have experienced it when we have published an article that explained the effects of breast milk in the infant to compare them with the artificial milk and by that simple fact they have put on the defensive (I have come to say that you should not explain the differences between a milk and other because mothers who don’t breast-feed may feel bad) , but that does not mean that anyone offended them without.

Sometimes it’s an unknown, sometimes is a friend, sometimes a family, sometimes… and according to touch with it can hurt, or least disturbing. The other day talked about brothers-in-law who say that “would still give breast?”, because there are brothers-in-law who also say “and what you have not given him the chest, if it is the best…?”, and then in addition release you a “because I don’t know, because actually all women can breast-feed”.

So yeah, there are people who say, there are people who look at them, there are people who think about this, and all without that nobody has asked them.

Because we do not know why your baby takes artificial milk

There are women who give their babies bottle from the zero minute and there are women who give bottle when they see that they have no choice but, when they try to breastfeed and not going well, when they come to the pediatrician and the baby cries and cries, when the scale says that the weight does not increase, despite having been two or three days giving it almost non-stop without rest, almost sleeping, because he hardly sleeps and you still crying when you think that it has due suck a lot because it takes more than two hours to the chest.

You get to the point that you feel instead of a good you are doing him a terrible wrong, and you’re feeling selfish, and although they say that it is the best, you don’t see that in reality that is being it and you decide to give it a bit of bottle, to see if doesn’t cry so much. And one thing leads to another, and the girl cries to the chest but is quiet to the bottle, and just by navigating between the guilt of not trying more, or have different, and the guilt you feel when you saw that your baby was wrong, that maybe now would feel if everything were equal.

So as we do not know which of the two situations is what has led a woman to give her son a bottle, is better to be silent and avoid mess up with comments type “just not you’ve you enough”, “because the baby is worse”, etc.

Because although it is a personal decision, it’s your decision

You just two examples, one that does not give the breast because you don’t want to leave and another who try without success. Many will think that the second has a justification and deserves more respect for it than the first, but not so. The two have justification, refused the first, the second could not. But even if they have it, they have no why give it to no one. They don’t have to justify why its decision as if they were accused of something and had to defend himself and convince the other of their arguments. And less even if others are those who ask or attack.

Respect, and that there are many people who do not understand it, is not to get in what others do even when you don’t agree. I.e., one can speak, you can say, it can be argued, you can discuss and you can not share the decisions of others (that’s “I would do it different”) and can still be observed: “I would do it different, but respect that you do it as well”.

Because how feed you do not better nor worse mother

The three reasons that deserve the same respect that breastfeeding mothers who are bottle

Let us take an example. A woman has a baby he da chest for more than one year, you are crazy, you spend much time, sharing many moments, playing, talking much, having fun with it, etc. A mother who enjoys motherhood and that makes your baby feel loved and cared.

The years pass and you have another baby to try breastfeeding as the first, but without the same success: for the reason that is, that is the case, you are unable to breastfeed, as I wanted to, because he would have been delighted to repeat the experience, and instead gives bottle. Despite this, her second baby also want you madly, with it you spend much time, sharing many moments, playing, talking much, having fun with it, etc. A mother who enjoys motherhood and that makes your baby feel loved and cared.

Was better mother when you had your first baby or is better now with the second mother? Because it is probably just as good before and now, and probably be better even with the second by the experience that he has accumulated from the first.

And if the order is the reverse? And if you had first given bottle and then chest, would be a better mother because he now breastfeeds or because it simply has more experience? Because of new food does not serve to determine how good or bad mother that you are.

And if when he gave the bottle he did it because he wanted to make it so? Then, if she wanted to do so but it is a caring mother who loves and attends to their children, is not worse mother than later, if the second gave the chest.

Respect, and point

But anyway, is that a mother is better or worse should not concern us unless there is an abuse or baby was in some kind of danger by omission of care (that we are all clear, isn’t it?). If we talk about fathers and mothers who want their children, who are the majority, then we must respect all the options and be clear that we are nobody to tell mother what is good, what mother is bad, which mother is better than us and what mother is worse. No, because then entered the war game from mothers, who does not lead to nowhere.

One attack, others defend themselves, discussed, and no one gives his arm twisting. The debate is not such, but a heap of accusations, attacks and counterattacks, and in these circumstances nobody learns.

So you breastfeed or bottle, give every mother deserves the same respect and the same support. Look at the picture above, which leads to the entrance, which has given us Jessica Byrum, and assure me, if you dare, that mother doesn’t love her baby. Has it in her arms, she is embracing her and gives him a kiss on the cheek while taking bottle. How different would the world be if instead of looking over his shoulder so much recent mothers were there to support them with their babies, precisely at the moment that more lost and vulnerable feel.