The most common glitches doing biceps curl preventing us to grow


The most common glitches doing biceps curl preventing us to grow

One of the exercises easier which exists and which is carried out in almost all the routines of biceps is the curl. It’s an exercise that, at first glance, all we do, but in truth the vast majority of us commits plenty of errors in its execution. That is why on this occasion we want to stop at these points and see where we are failing in their execution.

If we refer to the biceps curl, there are different variations in the execution, because on the one hand we have the free curl we of foot. We’ll make it concentrated instead sitting with arms supported by a Bank, making maximum tension is concentrated in the area worked. We can also perform in pulley, foot resting on a wall… Whatever it is that we make it necessary that we keep in mind should always do so properly and avoid errors.

Avoid jerks

One of the mistakes that we most often see are jerks. A pull is when the burden that we use is very high and the biceps itself can only not with her. In this case what we do is help us in other parts of the body such as the back, which we arquearemos. In this way we turn off the voltage to the lumbar zone, which is which will support the exercise. In this case, we are deceiving ourselves, because we do not work well the biceps and also run the risk of hurt us lower back. To do this we must choose a suitable load which may entail some resistance, but at least we can lift so you work the biceps.