The first cellphone of your son


The first cellphone of your son

It is essential to talk with your child, put limits and standards, and establish a pattern of rational use of the mobile phone.

Children are increasingly in middle ages early protagonists of the phenomenon of mobile connectivity. Since two or three years, they begin to peer into their parents phone and handle it as usual, familiar with their features almost before being able to speak clearly, or learn to read. This so fluid handling usually us do very much in so small children, but much less let you relate with these devices in an uncontrolled way. On the contrary, this precocious beginning have to take it as a great educational opportunity: any early learning enables a more effective learning.

And it is a premise that is repeated over and over again when we talk about parenting children is that you are their model of behavior, and as it is a child easier to do things if it is based on a model, you have to lead by example so that you do not use the smartphone improperly. It is essential to constantly talk with your child, put limits and standards, and establish a pattern of rational use of the device.

Moreover, the primary mode of preventing misuse or risk behaviors that can lead to future problems is involved in this educational technology from the outset. The key is both know Orient learning, as in not banning radically.

When buy your kid their first mobile phone?

Children of three or four years manage diverse applications on mobile phones from their parents; mainly games adapted to their age, applications for painting or coloring, and even cartoon videos. The device is already very present in their day to day, but at this age they see it more as a toy.

However, as they grow, this recreational use gives way to other functions. The phone becomes a device with which to communicate. Specifically, according to the Guide for parents and educators about the safe use of Internet, mobile and video games made by the Gaudium Foundation, the office of the Ombudsman for children in the community of Madrid, and the Social work of Caja Madrid, “the voice calls (94.7%), missed calls (92.9%), and text messages (90.7%), are the forms of communication that Spanish children use to a greater extent. In addition, music (71.4%) and games (51.6%) are the most requested services”.

Therefore, the main usefulness of the phone is already being in contact with parents and, above all, the friends: having a mobile phone is to belong to the group. The child sees that all your have around it and begins to ask its own terminal, increasingly at younger ages. Thus, parents suffer emotional blackmail, together with some social pressure.

Then, when we buy our son his first mobile phone? There is not a specific age, but they must be set in each case, the maturity of each small, and the specific circumstances of your lifestyle that make that it may need this appliance. And it is that at a certain age it can be relatively useful, but it is not really necessary. What we must make clear our son from the first moment is that the main function of the phone is communication, and that this is why it is advisable to have it.

In this sense, experts recommend that children do not have their own telephone before age 12. From this age, they intensified their need for independence and now spend more time away from us. In addition, they have access to a new stage school, secondary education, and this is a big change for them. It is already good time so that they begin to assume responsibilities as that supposed to have their own mobile phone.

Parents, the device will help us to be in continuous contact with them, having them, and be able to control its outputs.

The first cellphone of your son

It is important to teach children using mobile phones responsibly.

If you have already decided to purchase a terminal for your small it is important to take into account a number of features that will help us to make the right the use that is made of it. Buy a mobile phone to our son should not assume too hard for the family economy, and he or she must be aware of the expenditure involved and, to the extent possible, has to take care of the device (for example, using money from their pay or their savings to buy it and pay what you eat).

So that the child has its first mobile at 12-13 years must be as simple as possible (which will obviously matched with a lower price). However, from the Samsung company, they indicate something very curious, since 12 years old children do not conform with a low-end, mobile but that they already claim one mid-range. In this we must be firm and not give in to their whims. It makes no sense that a child of this age phone is a smartphone of the latest generation, with a host of benefits.

In fact, ideally not even have Internet access. Manage the use of network represents a more comprehensive surveillance, education surfer that covers many areas and which should begin to do on a computer installed in the House, at the sight of parents. Therefore, device permitting, we will have to give order to the destination phone operator to prevent connection.

As for the method of payment, a prepaid mobile is a good option to limit the expense of children, and so they themselves learn to manage credit which are available. If your child runs out very fast balance, you must make him understand that the charges cannot be immediate or uncontrolled.

But if we opt for a contract phone, we will study very well the rates, looking for alternatives that best meet the expenditure, which do not require a minimum consumption, no charge for the call set-up. Of course, avoid the rates with Internet access.

Each company offers a few advantages or other, and even some made available to parents interesting services such as collect calls, so the child can make calls but does not balance, or the restrictions on calls and messages. We must therefore inform us very good of all possibilities, always avoiding what can shoot the expenditure, and favoring what can facilitate saving (for example, a rate that share our same mobile operator, to make free calls between family members).

In addition, in the case of contract mobiles, it is easier to monitor the numbers who called the child, times in which makes it more often and, in general, have a more complete information, month-to-month.

Valuing each option, well because some assume more responsibilities for your child. Give him a vote of confidence, he will thank you.


The first cellphone of your son

Children should have the confidence to talk to parents of any problems they may have with the mobile.

When we buy the first mobile phone to our son, we must prepare it well to the handling by the child is fluent, correct and safe. The first thing is to establish a PIN number that the small, but lock it so that it can not change it. It may also be advisable to establish a pattern of unblocking, for safety where the child leave forgotten somewhere, or lose it.

Another essential task thing to do nothing more to acquire the mobile is record numbers of parents, family members, and people’s confidence that the child need to be connected on the agenda. It is the most important numbers to be allocated to hotkeys, so the child can make these calls as easily as possible. In addition, we must explain to our son that the 112 emergency number is free and works without having to enter the PIN number.

We’ll also teach you to lock the keypad to avoid making involuntary, and calls that should not have never connected the bluetooth if you will not use, because anybody can send you photos or inconvenient files, and even viruses.

In general, will review all phone settings to adapt it to the needs of the child and to use that must be given to the appliance: we will put the application really useful shortcuts, we will adjust the size of font, brightness and appearance, we will install an antivirus, etc. Even if we consider it necessary, we can install any application of monitoring and geolocation, for greater control.

Tips and rules so the child can make good use of mobile phone

Educational work to be performed with a child when we decided to buy his own mobile phone has to be intense and constant. At early ages, the control of the phone you have it mainly, and obviously you must set limits, but always explaining to your child every standard and requirement, so that he can go acquiring a critical and responsible attitude. This is essential so that to properly confront the multiple dangers that can lead to the misuse of the phone. What is essential is that he fully trusting you and go transmitting you interests and questions.

  • Keys for safe use: the mobile phone can be the gateway of numerous elements of risk. In this sense, we must teach our son never give your number or your friends to not answer messages from anyone that does not know and who do not accept calls of hidden numbers or numbers that do not appear on your calendar. In addition, it is essential to understand the importance of privacy: should not share photos of himself nor of anyone, without our supervision. Also you should ask permission before taking photos or videos, and we must also teach that always has to try to not hurt anyone to manage and exchange information.
  • Keys to rational use: the time that the child spends with your mobile phone is a point to take care especially, so we need to establish clear guidelines in this regard. In principle, the phone use mainly to talk about, but will make use of the phone if we are at home and we have to call to other landlines (is more logical and economical). In addition, teach that when you talk conversations are short; just right to effective communication. With respect to the games, it is something that they love, so it is essential to establish timetables and limits to play with the mobile. It is necessary to understand that the main function of the phone is not fun.

Make it clear to him that the phone will be off when you don’t need it, or you can not use it: while you study or do homework, when you practice any sport, when you’re playing, during meals, or before going to sleep. And, of course, in places where it is not allowed to use in hospitals or cinemas. In kind should also be turned off.

The mobile should not remove game, coexistence with others, or moments of relaxation, or alter their routines. At the beginning we can leave it only on weekends, or only when you leave home and, little by little, as it will demonstrate a good use, we are allowed to have it on a daily basis. And remember that you are their example. If your child sees you’re constantly hanging from the smartphone, look like a normal attitude to it. Strive, because the problem of addiction to mobile is becoming more common, and this should prevent it from childhood.

The first cellphone of your son

The WhatsApp is the application of the world’s most widely used instant messaging. Twin Design /

Although the first mobile phone of your son should not have Internet connection, WhatsApp deserves special mention. This instant messaging system is very practical and child, no doubt, will demand it. In fact, according to the minors and mobile connectivity in Spain: Tablets and Smartphones, prepared by the Center’s safety on the Internet for minors in Spain, PROTEGELES at the beginning of 2014 “WhatsApp is commonly used by 76% of children and adolescents of 11 to 14 years of age and 65% participates in groups”.

This system can talk, Exchange files of all kinds (dominated by photographs), clarify things duties or activities of the school, and even organizing events.

This is obviously one step further, it is configured as a real social network that requires an even more comprehensive surveillance by parents: your control is essential. Best thing would be to wait a little more for the child had this application; the conditions or terms of service of WhatsApp indicate authorized to use age 16 years (children under this age require legal consent of their parents or guardians).

Thus, when we decide that our son has it, the first thing we need to do to install it on your mobile is configure it to ensure the greatest possible safety. And, to from there, aware that I will have to exert a deep and constant surveillance.

You must set with the child condition that you reach it to review your conversations, and the rule that you have to teach anything that Exchange. (E) urge you again in essence to protect their privacy and not hurt anyone to manage and exchange information. These values acquire greater relevance when it comes to mobile connectivity.

In addition, restrict as much as possible the use of WhatsApp is very important because, beware!, is a particularly addictive app that can make sure your child is glued to his mobile phone throughout the day. Therefore, in this case are more necessary still limits and all those rules of rational use, which we have established for calls or other actions carried out with the phone. Like everything else, well used do not have to be negative.

Of course, under all this lies again the relationship of trust that you must build from the beginning with your son to teach him to use cellphone correctly.

Ah! and try to be better informed as possible and manage mobile technology more or less well. It is the only way to help the child correctly in this process, and not stay back. Any questions or problem, seek help. Today there are many entities that form and give guidelines to parents to improve education in these areas.

And if you meet with dangerous situations or reportable content, go to the police or consult with experts: for example, protecting them (www.proté is an organization specialized in these areas.