“The dream coach” of elite athletes reveals the keys to sleep well


“The dream coach” of elite athletes reveals the keys to sleep well

It boasts of having been part of the main and most important studies in relation to the field of rest, as well as being ‘the dream coach’ most famous athletes. Players of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, the own Cristiano Ronaldo and the footballer Beckham seem to be within its list of advised.

Called Nick Littlehales, he is the author of the book “Sleep” and creator of the “R90″ method for sleep and revitalize body and mind. “The dream coach” of elite athletes reveals the keys to get a real good night’s sleep.

Sleep the hours needed and accompany him from a deep sleep and repair is vital, not only to feel good, but also to prevent diseases that a priori we relate and we believe that they have a relationship with rest, as well as to reduce the risk of sports injuries.

According to the protagonist’s dream, Nick Littlehales, our sleep time has been decreased in lathe to one or two hours from the time of the 1950s, phenomenon have more in mind already that during the hours of sleep our brain uses to eliminate unnecessary toxins, neurological problems if we do not sleep enough and can appear as disposal.

But how much and how is enough?: method “R90″

Through his dream “R90″ method, known as “coach of the dream”, highlights some key to take into account to achieve a complete rest. According to your experience, these guidelines have been based on the sleep of a multitude of players of soccer and various cycling teams of the Tour de France, as in the case of Team Sky, for whom even designed a portable sleep kit.

  • Sleep following 90 min cycles: not everyone has the need to sleep eight hours, nor the same physical and mental recovery capacity. The right thing is to calculate personal dream that each time we need but in cycles or phases of 90 min, until you find the exact amount of phases that we need.
    Littlehales ensures that the optimum number of cycles for the athlete tends to be five, and it is always important to set a time to get up, regardless of the day (working or holiday), and taking into account approximately be about 90 min before going to go work.
“The dream coach” of elite athletes reveals the keys to sleep well
  • Before and after sleep: the pre and the postsueno is also important in the “R90″ method of Nick Littlehales. Do activities that involve too much stress or concentration in the 90 min prior to going to sleep or after getting up, may affect our quality of sleep.
  • Siesta, but brief: a recovery period ideal not to exceed 30 minutes of sleep. It even reveals that many prestigious sports clubs training facilities are already being equipped with areas specifically designed for these strategic NAPs.
“The dream coach” of elite athletes reveals the keys to sleep well
  • The sleep environment: the space in which we sleep influences in a notorious way the quality of sleep. According to the coach, it is important to do so in a room without technology, completely dark and silent, with an ambient temperature within the range of 16 – 18 ° C.

In addition to these tips, the master of the dream does not forget other more technical aspects to keep in mind as the knowledge of our circadian rhythm and the personal cronotipo of mornings or afternoons, that the sleep specialist says it’s a genetic factor of utmost importance in high level athletes.

The mattress and the position also matters: that is large enough and will it always in the fetal position. The correct sleeping posture: aside, if you’re right-handed on your left side and if you’re left-handed on the right.
How do you stay?

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