The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

After the intense Easter celebrations, elongated in several places with Easter Monday, in Murcia continue the celebrations with the Festival of spring, the great big week of the capital of the Region. These days there are lots of activities for all tastes, especially honouring the humble roots of the Murcia, orchard and their ways of life, and that food plays an important role. As Murcia today living away from their land I can the homesick so I encourage you to join the festivities with our best recipes of Murcia.

Today Tuesday is also one of the most popular days, the Bando de la Huerta, which throughout the city is delivered fully to enjoy a day outdoors Recalling the traditional life guertana, with family and friends, and, how not, good food. It is a somewhat chaotic day that can overwhelm the first-time visitor, but throughout the week you can enjoy the most traditional dishes in one of the numerous stalls or barracks that run the penalties, as we already have here some time ago. Join the party of murcian flavors is very easy with recipes like these.

Traditional murcian salad

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

The table of Diners in a hut that does not ask for one or more portions of murcian salad is rare. There are slight variations depending on the area where they prepare, and in some places outside is known as wet, but the more traditional recipe could not be more simple and tasty. An example of modest dish, typical, uncomplicated, that makes the most of the ingredients are available at that time.

The basic ingredients are the PEAR tomato – better home – canned black olives, tender onion, tuna in oil, egg, salt and olive oil. Sometimes add garlic or vinegar, and tuna can be exchanged for tuna or COD. In the summer feels great, with good people to the side and served good beer bread.


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

It is personally my favorite dishes, by its peculiar name to which you take love and because, again, we have a very humble and simple recipe in which the ingredients combined to perfection. Typical food from garden, its base is the zucchini and egg, adding potato to thicken. It is perfect for sharing with bread or serve as small caps.

The key to a good zarangollo is in getting the ingredients are amalgamen in a mixture of juicy and tender, and can peel the zucchini to get a better texture. More or less whole ingredients can be left, but the important thing is that eggs are incorporated ultimately beaten previously, to link the set with a honeyed finish.

Pisto murciano

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Ratatouille recipes there are many scattered throughout our country, with its regional variants and also similar dishes in other Mediterranean countries. In Murcia huertano pisto is typically take advantage of the wealth of vegetables from the garden, and its remote origin probably trace the Muslim period. Here it is normal cooking it at base of onion, pepper, Eggplant and tomato, as shows Raul’s with you on the beach.

It is a ratatouille with great prominence of the tomato, which is embodied in the end and usually without the pips. Tomato sauce can be used, but that is home, or simply Peel and fry the tomatoes as the first step in the recipe. The usual pepper is green, but not the Italian type, and is often also join the red. The touch of paprika is not essential but well accompanies this dish of vegetables of spring and summer.


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

We are in full season of artichokes and Murcia are a much appreciated product, with great prominence in the canning industry and in many recipes. In my house always the souvenir enriched rice and some stews and soups, also in tortillas that are occasionally marked my mother. A regular CAP is accompanied by an anchovy, simple but delicious snack artichoke heart.

But I have affection for a very simple recipe that are artichokes in the style of my mother, who usually prepare at this time, when they are abundant in the market. It’s artichokes boiled huertana, in a broth with white wine, lemon, parsley, garlic and a touch of breadcrumbs. Light but very tasty.

Summer sausage

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

This curious name may give rise to misunderstandings, if you don’t know what is, because there is no trace of sausages in the recipe. It is actually a vegetarian dish with eggplant, which is cooked in such way that ultimately seems a murcian sausage meat. Summer sausage seeks out all the flavor of Eggplant, another vegetable star of the garden, which serves as a first dish, snack or even lining. Delicious on a good bread or spread on small toasts.

Baked Octopus

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

I have a weakness for good Octopus Galician, but sometimes I forget that there are also great recipes with this cephalopod in my Murcia. In coastal areas they can prepare wonderful dishes more sailors, but a common cover for the capital are fantastic Octopus baked. If it has been prepared correctly the animal is most tender inside, and with a sauce full of flavor with its own juices.

Wheat with chickpeas

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Although it is typical during Lent and Holy week, wheat with chickpeas stew is a delicious vegetarian spoon dish that is worth to enjoy throughout the year – best summer serve it rested-, with minor variations in the highlands where it is known as trigoentero. It is also a dish nutritionally very full, combining vegetable and cereal, and while filling is not too heavy not to carry nothing of sausages and much fat.


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

When I was little and went to one of the barracks to lunch or dinner with family, I always remember that my father never forgave his michirones cover. It took me time to dare to try them – for a child of first does not seem very appealing-, but I liked olorcico so apatecible that exuded the newly made dish.

Michirones, another word that I love, are more appropriate for winter since usually served piping hot in a clay pot. They are prepared with dried beans and broth full of flavor that feels great few days really tightening the cold in the city, based on ham, sausages, laurel and essential paprika.

Gypsy pot

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Again a traditional dish of humble roots, rich in land, satiety and vegetarian products, because the meat ingredients were formerly a quiet luxury to special occasions. The peculiarity of this stew with chickpeas, beans and pumpkin is that it incorporates pears and Mint, less common ingredients. The Gypsy pot is also popular in neighboring regions, such as areas of Andalusia, and each House has its special touch. In season you can make it as Lola in the kitchen, with peritas of San Juan.

Rice with rabbit and snails

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Murcia is also a land of rice even though they have less fame than the great Valencian recipes – with much more life beyond the paella-. In the coast sailors are essential, but inside you can taste delicacies such as rice with Spareribs or vegetarian variants. Rice with rabbit is another classic that is also usually prepare with snails, animal that follows breeding on farms specialising in the area.

Vegetable rice

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Rice with vegetables from the garden are my favorites. My mother embroider them, but who did a huertano rice to weep with emotion was my grandmother. Unfortunately I could never learn their secrets, but the flavor of your recipes never I forget, with those traditional family dinners on Sunday at his home in the orchard. You can use the vegetables of season that we have at this time, with a good rice from Calasparra and truth-rich broth.

Migas and crumbs of bread crumbs

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Migas of flour, also called gachasmigas or crumbs migas, compete with bread crumbs in traditional recipes, and I don’t know why opt. In any case, they are strong dishes typical kitchen “village”, very energetic and forceful, little recommended today by our lifestyles but that deserves to recover from time to time. Murcia is typical to take crumbs when it rains, and is what one expected to find in the menus of the day from bars and restaurants when the scarce water wet streets.

Hard bread crumbs resemble much the migas manchegas, a traditional recipe that is repeated in other regions. My family prepared them lighter, without sausages and add any other vegetables such as peas, but the genuine version with its sausages and grapes worth recovered in special occasions. The migas, and teaches Mary Luz in knife and fork are made with durum wheat flour, also prepare with cold meats and other typical accompaniments are sardines, beans tender or even fruit.


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

The atascaburras manchego is famous but Murcia also prepares, undoubtedly influences and cultural contacts between both lands in the past. Other strong, humble but very nutritious and inexpensive dish that is today considered typical of Easter, more appropriate for cold days. Traditionally it was shared in the countryside directly mortar, with bread crumb strong and wine that could not miss.

Cierva pie

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

Sweet or salty? Cierva pie is one of the most unusual regional dishes, typical of the Mar Menor area but today can be found in many pastry shops in the capital. Supposedly, account the legend, which appeared in the 19th century, when a Russian ship Cook gave the recipe to a pastry chef in the area, who served at a meal in which the famous Juan de la Cierva was present. She apparently liked it so much that, by way of homage, was baptized cake with your name.

Be that as it may, this cake offers a curious blend of sweet and savory for the contrast between its sweet dough and filling, made with hard boiled egg and well seasoned meat. It can be prepared in large to share format or in individual portions, and makes a good couple with meatloaf, more typical of the capital. Because of the difficulty of the flaky of the latter, I recommend tasting it in one of the pastry shops or bars in the city while you urge to prepare the Cierva at home.

Cute Easter

The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

During Holy week the monas de Pascua experienced its greatest glory days, I would say that with much more roots in our city than the typical French toast or fried milk. These muffins, decorated – or not – with egg of hen or quail, actually can be found throughout the year and I associate them with snacks and breakfasts of my childhood, soaked in chocolate.


The best recipes of Murcia to celebrate the holiday of spring

I would say that they can look at you weird if you go to a hut and don’t finish the meal with a few paparajotes. There are few flavors that intrigue me so many memories and nostalgia as a paparajote recently made, so distinctive and recognizable thanks to the deep aroma that brings the leaf of lemon. It is not an exclusive dessert of Murcia but I would say that here is where is more popular, is almost an icon and you can not miss when we are on holiday.

Would the mass, as No Carmen teaches us like broth? Because it takes 2 cups does not much mystery since it consists of a typical mixture of ingredients often used in and so many traditional Spanish desserts recipes, simple. Flour, milk, eggs and sugar together to create a liquid mass in which are immersed the lemon leaves, then FRY them and serve them fried with sugar and cinnamon. Delicious with a glass of mistela.

I am little objective, but I think the murcian cuisine has a lot to offer and is still not very well known outside its borders. Encourage you to prepare a traditional recipe to participate in the distance in the spring festivities, an excuse as any other to enjoy good food, in this case more focused on the popular cuisine of the orchard. Many recipes in the Inkwell, remain without forgetting so many essential snacks when it comes to tapas, such as sausages, canned and salted fish, the maritime, sobrasada with cheese, balls, potatoes with garlic, and much more. Murcia, how delicious you are.