The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar


The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar

Easter is coming and the toast will be making Act of appearance in bakeries, restaurants, publications, social networks, etc. It is impossible not to come up with this delicious snack at any time of the day. If you want it prepared at home and are looking for inspiration or want to vary your recipe of life, offer the best toast of direct to the palate. Hold, on coming curves.

The classic French toast

Whenever I go to my grandmother’s House in Asturias to spend Christmas there are three things that never fail: prepare me a stew, some cannelloni and some French toast. His specialty is the classic French toast, the toast of milk, those that do not go out of fashion as much as every year dress as, with his suit of sugar and cinnamon.

The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar

However, it is easy to give a different touch to this recipe, just simply with a little flavoring milk, add some liquor, some chocolate, wine red or even cherries. All is a matter of taste, though the toast of wine are a classic that never fails as an alternative to the traditional.

  • Milk flavored with vanilla toast
  • Milk toast and Baileys
  • French toast from bread soaked in wine
  • Red Wine Toast
  • Chocolate toast
  • French toast with white chocolate and cherries

Stuffed French toast

The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar

If the toast were not good enough, we can even make them more spectacular still if we prepare French toast stuffed, whether for example as these French toast of cream or with the simply insurmountable French toast stuffed with Nutella which my colleague Pakus has prepared for this Easter. Only to see water makes me mouth.

A different presentation

Although I said that sugar and cinnamon costume I feel wonderfully to the toast, there are times where you have to dress up prom, and then is when it seems a different presentation for the toast, whether with a sauce or something more original still.

The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar
The best French toast from Directo Al Paladar

Thus, for example, can cover the toast with honey syrup, serve the French toast with toffee sauce or even prepare some delicious French toast of milk with orange juice sauce, although undoubtedly the most original presentation is that of the film canisters for French toast.

As to this compilation of the best recipes from Directo Al Paladar for the #díadelatorrija I present two possibilities to prepare French toast without frying, whether these caramelized French toast or a glazed French toast to the salted caramel. Enjoy!