Squats, eleven variants to improve


Squats, eleven variants to improve

Have a catalog of different exercises of squats is important, as for example, the front squats, back squats, squat sumo, Jefferson squats, Zercher squats, etc. But having eleven variations of squats in progress to improve the technique helps us to learn and improve our squats, avoiding the risk of injury and to make progress in effectiveness.

“Todo lo que haces en el gimnasio tiene un coste, pero no todo tiene un beneficio”

Eleven exercises that improve your squat

The dominant exercises of knee work mainly the quadriceps, are exercises of type press of the undercarriage, a main pattern of movements for the balanced development of the muscles of the legs, very important in the health and sports performance.

The eleven exercises that you can see in this video for leg work are as follows:

1. quadriceps extensions from air cuadrupedia.

2 hinge knee high (with better support knee step).

3. squats:

  • Isometric squat on wall.
  • Shot on the fitball in wall squats.
  • Squat counterweight.
  • Squat box (box squat): high, parallel and deep.
  • Face squat to wall.
  • Squat with taut musculador (Russian belt).
  • Sissy squats.
  • Squat down from initial swing and raising arms.
  • Squat OHC (overhead squat) with pica.

Video “squat, 11 variants to improve”