Some exercises to activate the metabolism at the end of the workout routine


Some exercises to activate the metabolism at the end of the workout routine

With the arrival of spring and the good time the vast majority of us want to eliminate those extra pounds that have accumulated during the winter. This should add the processes of muscle definition that we carry out at this time. In this post we give some simple tips to activate metabolism even more at the end of daily workouts.

Activation of metabolism is what will make calories more. It is true that with the sports activity we activate it always and therefore it is good to keep us active to control the weight and the general State of our body. But we can still increase the burning of calories if we also increase the acceleration of metabolism with simple tricks.

What we recommend is to continue with our usual routines, only that will introduce some changes to achieve that, accelerate metabolism. What are these variations is in high-intensity at the end of the routine exercises. So we will simply serve our body, because it’s movements in which we involve all parts of the body and shall achieve and increase calorie burning.


An exercise that we perform are the burpees with our own body. What we recommend is perform 4 sets of some 15 to 20 reps. The rest must be less than one minute between sets. What to do with this exercise is activating the metabolism and get longer after completion of the training session.

Launch of legs at several levels

Another exercise you can perform is the launch of legs at several levels. This will place lying with outstretched arms, as well as the trunk, which we will support only at the tips of the feet and hands resting on the ground. With this position, which we adopt to perform push-ups from chest, we will advance the knees as if we were playing the chest. Once we are in this position will return to stretch your legs back to support us with the tips of toes, only that this time we will take the legs to one side, which may be the right for example.

We will take the legs to the Center as if we were playing the chest and again estiraremos legs, only this time to the left. We will make this movement in 4 sets of around 12 reps per side without stopping. Between series rest must be less than one minute to maintain active keystrokes and thereby accelerate more metabolism.

Some exercises to activate the metabolism at the end of the workout routine Some exercises to activate the metabolism at the end of the workout routine

HITT tape running

We may also use the treadmill to perform HITT sessions. What we recommend in this case is to reduce the time we spend and shorten break times. So I suggest to make a career of high-intensity exercise for 15 minutes in which we undertake maximum intensity and medium one-minute intervals each. In this way we will increase enormously keystrokes and thus metabolic acceleration that will last a few hours after the end of the year. If we also put tape in slope we manage to add more intensity to the exercise.

There are many alternatives and secure each one has his trick to maintain active metabolism through exercise. Therefore, we invite you to give us part of your method to finish the workouts with an increase of the heart rate and metabolic activity.

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