Snacks and healthy to eat between meals snacks


Snacks and healthy to eat between meals snacks

One of the most delicate moments is when caring for our food, snacks or meals hours. They are meals less planned we have and in which most tend to choose less healthy options, among other things, because the supply of unhealthy snacks is very large and is close at hand, just take a look at the vending machines found in offices, on the streets or in public places such as subway or train stations (and even more surprising as hospitals elsewhere).

If it assails you hunger between meals and want to maintain a healthy intake, we give you the keys and some tips you get it easily.

Is it mandatory to eat five times a day?

Snacks and healthy to eat between meals snacks

While it is a widespread belief, it is not mandatory to do a morning meal and a snack to keep a healthy diet or weight loss. Depends on the situation of each person, how is your day to day and from intakes to previous and later.

Going to many people great to snack between meals to keep hunger at Bay or to not get a hungry disproportionate to the next meal. If this is your case, continues to do so, provided that as a snack you opt for healthy foods.

If you do not have the possibility of making a mid-morning or average meal late (because you’re in class or because you are in your job, for example) or simply not hungry until the main meal, there is no problem with which you make only three meals a day. You can find more information about this topic on blogs as of the Royal Fitness (Victor, the author, is dietitian), but the premise is clear: an increased frequency of meals does have an impact satiety, but not in body composition.

If you eat between meals, eat well

Snacks and healthy to eat between meals snacks

That said, most importantly you do elections smart when it comes to eating between meals, either at lunch or in the morning. We can start by analyzing why we have hunger between meals: in our society tends to be because we got up early, make breakfast a little questionable – many times only a coffee, when we are really hungry, but it gives us time to nothing more – and we eat pretty late; and same thing happens with the comida-cena interval.

The next step may be to see if we are really hungry or if it is only the bug or some kind of craving: ultimately, to distinguish whether it is real hunger or emotional hunger.

If we know that mid morning or middle late we have hunger, the best option is to plan it before to have at our disposal healthy choices with which we can satisfy us. Healthy snacks that we can carry on bag or backpack and are not very bothersome when it comes to eat (if you’re in an office, for example) may include the following:

  • A handful of dried fruit: healthy fats, protein, and fiber containing collaborate in the sense of satiety. You can opt for a handful of walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds… Simply make sure that are natural and not fried. You can take them in a little tupper or in an airtight bag and you can eat almost anywhere.
  • A yogurt with fruit pieces: better if we carry the fruit pieces separately and add them to a yogurt. This option is ideal if we are in the office and have a fridge to keep the yogurt and fruit during the day so don’t we get bad.
  • A toast bread with cream of avocado, peanuts or almonds: if getting these creams at home (it takes five minutes and don’t need anything special, apart from a blender for the ingredients) you only have to prepare the toast the morning before I go to work. Or you can have in the office a small jar for storage (dried fruit creams well endure without fridge, the avocado needs kept in cold).
  • A piece of fruit: a banana is the most practical thing, since it is easy to carry and convenient to eat. An Apple, a PEAR, a pair of mandarins, two or three plums, a few strawberries… If you can bring a tupper with cut fruit can opt for pieces of pineapple or mango with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. A good idea, if you stay hungry, to combine with the handful of nuts.
  • Cheese with fruits and nuts: a delicious choice and combining various flavors and textures is the tupper with fresh cheese beaten, mixed with pieces of fruit and a handful of crushed nuts. If you have a fridge in the office, this option is ideal.

There are many options healthy, these are only a few examples. But as you can see, the key is planning: yes I know that mid-morning or mid-afternoon I will be hungry, before passing through the vending machine and end up biting a bar (well charged mostly sugar) diet or a sugary drink, is best choice take something ready House.