‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ to remove the bad taste of the previous films


‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ to remove the bad taste of the previous films

I was never one of the biggest fans of the blue creatures created by Peyo, but that didn’t stop me I feel insulted by ‘The Smurfs’ (‘The Smurfs’), the film starring Neil Patrick Harris that mixed animation and real images. However, the tape of Raja Gosnell was a great success, so a sequel that also gave money was made, but the remarkable fall in revenue – spent $ 563 million to 347 – did that Sony did not give green light to a third installment.

For my part, I must confess that I even got to see whole, something I’ve done very rarely. The issue is that I saw what I expected and I decided that not worth me wasting time in this way. The great merit of ‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ (‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’) is that it manages to get the awful taste left by those two previous movies that do not pass being an acceptable animated adventure.

Direct to the point

‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ to remove the bad taste of the previous films

The first thing that draws the attention of ‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ is that it is not a new presentation of those characters, since it starts with Smurfette already among them and with everyone knowing that it is a creation of the wicked Gargamel did not go as he had hoped. In fact, the premise is that all the Smurfs have something that defines them, but she is not particularly known for something and that is something that is reconcomiendo it on the inside.

This juicy point of departure could have been the basis of a fascinating story about the search for identity, but we should be clear enough that a movie as the present was never going to worry about that, but would focus on offering a more or less successful entertainment developing its history through the usual channels. Therefore, whoever seeks something else would be better or move near to ‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘.

‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ to remove the bad taste of the previous films

As expected, ‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ bet by a tone of clear-cut child, but is not one of those cases in which that means that adults are going to feel insulted. Is true that there are some details, mostly at its end, from the screenplay by Stacey Harman and Pamela Ribon that I wish were otherwise, but when it comes to the truth match the bet made up to then.

In this way, the evil of Gargamel often flirts with stupidity, but is that the film never want to use it as a really credible villain, but as this recurring enemy that often looks to get away with it to then fail over and over again. Actually neither would be so far removed from the Team, ‘Pokemon’ Rocket, while how to address its lack of lights to detect obvious things reminiscent of the ‘Inspector Gadget’.

‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘, acceptable family pastime

‘ Smurfs: the hidden village ‘ to remove the bad taste of the previous films

Apart from that, the boot is sympathetic to emphasizing the personality trait that defines all the Smurfs, with Smurfette adding dissonant element which gives rise to an adventure that at the same time connecting with a concern of the current cinema at the same time fill a void and the mythology of these characters. Again, don’t expect something very elaborate, but a nice message for the kids with a rate effective so that parents do not get bored.

Moreover, the work of animation is fluid and note that Kelly Asbury did not want that scenes that stand out form excessive about others as much as some situations is lent to an effort extra there are. What raw material here is consistency and the three dimensions take advantage not to seek a more realistic touch – something which I consider that it would have been a mistake- but to give that needed touch of colourful modernity to a style that fits more with the cartoon than anything else.