Recipe for pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras


Recipe for pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras

Seldom we are in the situation of cooking a bird hunting so elegant and tasty as pheasant, at least in my house. A few days ago I was lucky that gives me one and I found myself in the position of learning to pluck it and clean it thoroughly to produce this recipe of pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras that I recommend if you want a dish tasty and different.

Of course, you can use the same recipe with a few picantones, or with other birds, adjusting cooking times the size of the animal if larger or smaller, but with the same technique and an equally satisfactory result.

Ingredients for two people

  • 1 pheasant, 1 Apple, 1 potato, 100 g of pate de foie gras, 4 slices of bacon, 6 prunes, 1/2 onion, herbs

How to make a pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras

We start from a pheasant clean, plucked and ready to roast as prepare it it the other day when I taught to pluck birds. You can just be a duck, a baby chicken or any other bird, or a little chicken, if you prefer it. We took off the skin of the breasts of his flesh and between the one and the other slightly, we introduce herbs, which then will give a super flavor to the breast.

Peel Pippin Apple and cut it into large pieces. By the gap between their legs, we introduce the pieces of Apple, prunes and foie, closing with more pieces of Apple until you finish filling it.

Cover chicken breasts with slices of bacon so the roasting not us it from drying out and tie with kitchen string so as not lose shape during roasting. Peel and chop the potatoes into irregular pieces and deal them in the source of baking, by placing the pheasant in the Center. We water with half a glass of water and other means of oloroso wine or Oporto.

We Bake at 180º in preheated oven for 20 minutes. We give back to the pheasant and Bake 10 minutes more on the other side. If we want you to be well Golden, remove the bacon and Celsius a couple of minutes. To make the sauce, blend the liquid remaining in the source (cooking, foie gras and wine juices) and reduce them to add a little more wine, until we obtain an espesita sauce to dress slices of Pheasant.

Recipe for pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras

Processing time | 35 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


The recipe for pheasant stuffed with Apple and foie gras is a recipe that is great for an anniversary or other celebration meal since the ingredients are special and have one cost more than others. You can make the same recipe with chicken and foie gras cheapest most economical version. Importantly, do it with love and not to run.