Quick toast in microwave. Easter recipe


Quick toast in microwave. Easter recipe

Not be if it happens to you, but my they startle me sweet desire often and if I have no hand me the seven evils. That is why I like to have quick recipes under the sleeve that can turn in times of crisis. The mug cakes are great allies for these occasions, but now that we are entering into Holy week they crave me more the quick toast in microwave.

It is wonderful to think that, in less than 30 minutes, we can have on the table some very worthy torrijas. They are not as traditional, but it is worthwhile to give them a chance. In addition to being a recipe Express, these quick toast in microwave save us the fregoteo and cleaning that comes standard with fried foods as well as more calories. Another couple of advantages to consider.

Ingredients for three or four units

  • Bread the day before, 1 egg, 75 ml of milk with lemon and cinnamon, 30 g sugar (2 tablespoons) and a hint of butter.

How to make quick toast in microwave

Cut the bread into three or four slices of about 2 cm thick. Mix the milk and half the sugar and warm it in the microwave 30 seconds, this will cause the sugar dissolves and the bread to absorb it before. Mix it with egg mixture and stir well. Pour the mixture into a container of a size suitable for slices of bread that we are going to prepare.

We captured well the bread on both sides until it absorbed all the liquid (about 15 minutes). We oil with butter a microwave-safe container, cover it with parchment paper or baking and introduce it in the microwave, programming 2 minutes to power 750 w. remove, sprinkle with the remaining sugar and caramelizamos with a blowtorch or under the grill.

Quick toast in microwave. Easter recipe

Difficulty | Easy
Processing time | 25 minutes


The quick toast in microwave are much lighter than the traditional ones, but are less juicy because they do not pass through the oil. It is therefore important to eat them at the moment, when the heat of the cooking transforms them into a rich and tender morsel. They are a great and quick solution for snack time.