Pancakes recipe: how to make the dough and 17 easy ideas to fill


Pancakes recipe: how to make the dough and 17 easy ideas to fill

Whenever I make pancakes at home I get the same question: why not prepare them more often? It should follow the example of my father and recover the family custom make homemade crepes more often, they are so easy and are so rich! If still not have encouraged you with them here you have my final crepes recipe to learn how to make the dough, more a good compilation of ideas to fill them.

The beauty of this traditional French preparation, with its variations in different countries, is part of a very basic but extremely versatile recipe. We can make them to taste, adjusting the size, thickness and playing with ingredients and flavours. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, snack or dinner, sweet or savory; the possibilities are almost endless and our imagination the only limit. Once the basic mass dominates as won’t stop making them.

Ingredients for 6-8 units

  • 2 eggs L, 110 g of wheat flour pastries, 240 ml of milk (or 120 ml of milk and 120 ml of water), 1 tbsp. sugar (optional), 1/4 teaspoon salt, lemon zest or a bit of aroma of vanilla (optional), butter or oil for cooking.

How to make basic crepes dough

You can use any type of milk, even a vegetable drink, better if it is more neutral flavor in the case that we don’t want that it influences the taste of the pancakes. In general the of soya has given me good results, although if we are intolerant will serve us any lactose-free milk. There are who prefers to use only liquid the milk but I I prefer the option of combining half full with water.

Crepes dough may be prepared with rods mixer or into the bowl of a mixer which are used for milkshakes. With a few rods running manuals also go well, as I have done for this recipe. I am in the habit of ready dough into a large jug to pour directly after over skillet; It is much more practical.

Arrange the eggs in the bowl that we use and add the milk, water, sugar, salt, vanilla or lemon zest – if we use – and beat well. Add the sifted flour and whisk vigorously until there are no lumps. Cover and let stand at least 30 minutes – better a time-in the fridge if it is hot or we leave to spend more time.

Grease with neutral oil or a good frying pan griddle or non-stick melted butter. Heat until it catches good temperature. Take a portion of dough in the Center (about 60 ml), holding the skillet off the heat with your other hand, and rotate quickly to extend over the entire surface. Slightly lower the temperature and cook a minute or two, until the edges are golden brown and will peel off.

Turn with a spatula thin, carefully not to break the dough, and Brown half a minute or one minute more on the other side. Remove to a dish and continue with the rest of the dough until you finish it. Covered with a clean cloth or plastic wrap to keep maintain heat and non-drying. If we have turned on the oven that day can take advantage of the residuarl heat to keep them warm when serving.

Pancakes recipe: how to make the dough and 17 easy ideas to fill

Processing time | 30-minute rest
Difficulty | Easy


As commented, the crepes are very versatile and can fill and serve as we want. In my house, when my father made them, we drew a variety of luncheon meat, cream spreads, cheeses and jams so that each one is mounted their rations to taste. We can form rolls, triangles, crescents and squares, folding the edges toward the Center to accommodate the padding. Below you have a list of sweet and savoury ideas to inspire you.

Ideas of fillings for savory crepes

Pancakes recipe: how to make the dough and 17 easy ideas to fill
  • Chicken, corn and Leek pancakes
  • Sirloin crepes
  • Roasted chicken, tomato and emmental cheese crepes
  • Crepes with ham and provolone cheese
  • Savory Crepes with mushrooms and ham and bechamel
  • Crepes stuffed with peppers with cream
  • Crepes of asparagus and brie cheese
  • Crepes with shrimp, spinach and Basil oil
  • Gazpacho ham-filled crepes
  • Rolls of crepe filled with cheese cream and bresaola

Very sweet crêpes for dessert and sweet

Pancakes recipe: how to make the dough and 17 easy ideas to fill
  • Pancakes with strawberries and cream cake
  • Crepes with Crème brûlée
  • Crepes suzette
  • Mascarpone and raspberry crepes
  • Crepes stuffed with Apple and salted caramel
  • Banana and apricot jam pancakes
  • Crepes filled with chocolate cream

How would like to you? Some stuffing fetish that you want to share?