Our selection of 13 light and healthy for this Easter recipes


Our selection of 13 light and healthy for this Easter recipes

If you’ve decided finally not to neglect your diet this holiday season, you should know that you have endless possibilities and it will not be as complex as you can imagine it, because here we have our selection of 13 light and healthy recipes for this Easter:

Salted light and nutritious dishes

If you are looking for a main dish, snack or a lining that is not full of calories for this Easter, here we have our suggestions:

  • Crunchy salad of beans with smoked cod: a very simple ideal preparation for the food that we can develop in a matter of minutes. In addition, very satiating given its rich in fiber, protein and good fats without calories.
  • Cuinat or Ibiza stew of beans and vegetables: If you’re not a fish lover, this is a good choice of vegetarian this Easter, full of fiber, potassium, carotenes, and other good nutrients given the wide variety of vegetables that includes and best, with very few calories per serving.
  • Cod with leeks agrodolce: cod is one of the stars when it comes to cooking at Easter, and this dish proves it. It is a preparation that accompanied by a cereal can very well go for a meal either, is a right choice for dinner, with good proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Cod and pumpkin Red Curry: Although we again use cod this option is much more exotic but just as easy to make it hassle-free. Served with rice, quinoa or couscous, this is an ideal dish for a noon filled with good nutrients without a lot of calories.

Our selection of 13 light and healthy for this Easter recipes Our selection of 13 light and healthy for this Easter recipes

  • Murcian wheat and chickpea stew: for those who do not eat any type of meat and looking for vegan preparations, this can be a great dish, satiating, with complete protein vegetable, rich in fiber and various micronutrients. But the best, low-calorie per serving.
  • Caramel in brine: chopping in the company of friends or family, this is a good recipe that can accompany a freshly made toast and that it is very poor in calories but with quality protein that satisfy the Agency.
  • Lenten spinach: mature as a first course or, for a light dinner or as a preparation with cereals lining, this is a recipe very easy to perform, with good fats, potassium, fiber, magnesium, carotenoids, iron plant and very low in calories, so we recommend to test it if we want to take care of the diet during Holy week.
  • Salad of Orange “picás”: as lining of a protein or as only a very light but satiating dinner dish can produce this tasty salad filled with protein, carotene, vitamin C and fat quality for the organism.
  • Monkfish sauteed with chopped tomato and piquillo peppers: another very easy and light option that requires only three ingredients for its elaboration and which is ideal for a satiating dinner or as the main course of a meal if accompanied it by white rice, baked potatoes or quinoa.
  • Valencia Esgarret: it is the perfect recipe if you’re not fond of kitchen, because you’ll look with her and it is very easy as well as fast to prepare. It’s a very light dish rich in lean proteins and potassium derived from peppers that includes the recipe. You can accompany it a cereal food, serve it in a toast as an aperitif or you enjoy it at a dinner.
Our selection of 13 light and healthy for this Easter recipes

Sweet, healthy and low calorie recipes

Although undoubtedly are more difficult to replace dishes, it is possible to achieve sweets healthier and with low energy intake in this Holy week. We show some examples that you can not miss then:

  • Doughnuts or rosquetes of Cadiz: to accompany tea or coffee after a meal or to enjoy in meals, this recipe is highly recommended, since it has low sugar content and very low contribution of fat, therefore, have a sweet light and healthy for these dates.
  • Italian Easter bread: is a slightly sweet preparation that you can savor in a healthy and light Easter breakfast since it is ideal to accompany with cheese cream and jam or, to enjoy just next to a glass of hot milk.
  • Traditional rolls of Arcos de la Frontera: to accompany an infusion or a glass of milk in the middle of breakfast or snack, this recipe is very appealing, because per unit does not have many calories since it contains very little amount of sugar and fat inside.

This is our selection of 13 light recipes for this Holy week, which shows that it is possible to eat healthy and without excess at this time of the year.