Is it good idea to prohibit the entry of children in certain restaurants?


Is it good idea to prohibit the entry of children in certain restaurants?

One of larger questions that was when I became just mother was probably know when was appropriate or advisable to attend certain places with my baby.

There are places that by common sense mothers does not assist with infants or young children, such as those with much noise or likely to present a risk for them.

But what places like restaurants? Is there any age where deemed not appropriate to carry a baby or child? What is your opinion of the places that prohibit entry to young children? You share my opinion and the controversy that has led to a restaurant in United States by prohibiting entry to children under five years old.

Maybe it’s because the use of social networks, perhaps it is just that now people are afraid to tell more things than before, but it seems that there is a kind of fashion anti children lately.

It is not uncommon to find publications on Facebook or Twitter from people complaining about the presence of children in places such as restaurants or cafes. His main claim is that they do not allow them to eat in peace because the kids are screaming or running, and is for this reason that some places have opted to prohibit entry to young children.

The most recent example is a restaurant in North Carolina, which recently announced that it will not allow children under 5 years old. Place, name Caruso’s is an Italian restaurant recognized in his city, and according to WCNC portal owner made the decision after too many incidents of children crying, screaming and acting badly, as they hustled the atmosphere of the place.

Of course the reactions have not wait, from annoying parents guests applauding your decision, because it will allow them to enjoy a dinner without shouting or shoving match. But just as there are parents who accused them of discrimination, there are others who support this new rule, because they consider that the place is not appropriate for a baby or toddler. Surprisingly, since you took is new measurement, the restaurant has elevated its clientele and reservations have almost doubled.

Then, do not we taking children to restaurants?

Now, even though it is not the first restaurant to ban entry to children, I think that the idea is not so extreme. As a mother I know that go out to eat with small children is a coin in the air: you can be a quiet exit in family or can be a disastrous concert combined with a food war.

Personally I think that this is a rather complex issue. On the one hand, it seems to me that this could encourage to be increasingly less tolerance to children. But on the other hand, at least in this case, this rule Yes could be valid. Think of a time in our life before having children. We are talking about a restaurant of luxury to the people who attend will probably because it’s a special occasion, or because they want to be treated differently than a fast food or more family-friendly place.

Although never has bothered me a child to do things that are natural to them, such as running or screaming, what if bothered me before becoming a mother (and still bothering me) was when the parents not said them nothing. A child may not know how to behave correctly- or respectfully, an adult if. There are parents that without being strict or threatening, that their children are quiet or without doing much scandal, because they teach them values from small or because they are very attentive to the behaviors and signs of their children, so they know when it is time to act.

What can we do so we are all happy to eat out?

The first thing is to be realistic. Even though we have plans or think about things that could happen, life with small children tends to be unpredictable. But we can always prepare to make family trips a good time and that we do not incomodemos to other people.

It should put ourselves in the place of our children. If one is bored waiting to bring him food, now imagine a child, who has all the power of the world. For them, everything is new, everything is worthy of being observed and explored. So as a parent, I repeat, we must be realistic and be prepared for those moments. There are various ways to entertain or distract our children in a restaurant, even without having to resort to our smartphone or tablet.

If in the worst case, a monumental tantrum, breaks out is always the option of leaving a while with your child to distract you, talk calmly without feeling thousand eyes watching you and that he sees a different picture, then back to the table and continue to enjoy the food. I’ve seen this many parents do it and in most cases it works because children are back with a smile.

I think that the parents do not have why limit ourselves to the time out to eat at a restaurant with our baby or child. It is normal to feel something uncomfortable if someone makes us a bad face, but we must make sure not to stress us and focus on the needs of our children at that time.

Love me eating out with my spouse and my two year old daughter. And although sometimes she is not in the mood, I always see it as a good time to share something different in family. Just have to use common sense: If a restaurant is elegant or fancy might not be the best place for a child who wants to run or who is desperate very fast. Already the children grow or we will have a night off to attend dinner calmly in such places.