Inverted torrijas. Easter recipe


Inverted torrijas. Easter recipe

For many people, Easter is not so if some good French toast not make appearance in your life in some way. I don’t be one of them, but I recognize that a well-executed torrijas are a spectacular sweet that few others can match. Turning to the recipe, I thought vary the elaboration process and mark me what have come to be called an inverted French toast.

In the traditional recipe, bread is soaked in milk and is passed by the egg before being fried, and ends with a syrup of honey bath. As well, in this recipe, the process is reversed, being the honey syrup element serving to soak the bread and milk and egg, English cream, sauce with which we irrigate them or accompany once ready. Hence, it’s inverted torrijas.

Ingredients for four inverted French toast

  • For the honey syrup: 150 ml water, 150 ml of honey and 1 star anise.
  • For the custard: 1 egg, 50 g of icing sugar, 50 ml milk, 50 ml of liquid cream and 1 stick of cinnamon.
  • For the toast: bread for French toast, 1 egg and mild olive oil.

How to make French toast reversed

We started with honey syrup and therefore put together the water and honey in a small saucepan together with star anise and bring to a boil. At the time when it starts boiling, we got the fire and let boil gently for five minutes. After this time, remove from the fire and let cool. Remove anise star-filled and ready to use.

Cut bread for French toast sliced fat, centimeter and a half of thickness approximately. Put the slices in a bowl that will fit just but not tight and irrigate them with honey syrup. We leave the bread to soak well and embed all the syrup.

Meanwhile, prepare the custard. We separate the yolk from the egg white. The clear reserved it for further elaboration, for the cream only will use the yolk that we beat some electric rods together with icing to bleach sugar.

In a small small saucepan, heat the milk, cream and cinnamon, over low heat branch. When it begins to boil, remove the small saucepan from fire and let cool before adding to the batter of egg yolk and sugar. We will do this straining the milk and cream so that not to fall remains of cinnamon in branch in our English cream.

Mix well and bring mixture again to fire, which should be very low. Heat and stir at the same time so not set egg. We must not allow the mixture to boil or we will be clotted cream. We will notice that the cream takes thick little by little. When you leave a mark on the spatula with which we are stirring, pour in a cold Bowl and stir for a few minutes more while cooling.

It’s time to end our French toast, so we fill a skillet with olive oil up to two fingers in height and heat to 170 ° – 175 ° C. Very carefully, as they are very delicate, we take slices of bread and pass them through the beaten egg. Fry them in twos, turning so golden brown on both sides. Remove and drain on absorbent paper.

Ready once the toast can water them with the custard and leave to rest until they soak it, just as we would with the traditional recipe and honey syrup. Alternatively, and this is what I did, we can use the crème anglaise sauce as a base upon which to serve them and submit them to our guests. To taste.

Inverted torrijas. Easter recipe

Processing time | 30 minutes + 2 hours of rest
Difficulty | Media


Any time is good to enjoy some inverted French toast but I recommend them for snack, because they are a strong sweet. They are much richer freshly made and hot. The juiciness of the bath of syrup of honey, which adds creaminess to the interior, disappears as it passes the time.