If you put it on your abdomen after childbirth, baby reptará instinctively to your chest


If you put it on your abdomen after childbirth, baby reptará instinctively to your chest

Childbirth is a momentous time for the baby. Passes of intrauterine life to a life outside the womb in which all recognized as part of it is their mother’s body. So much so, that nine months after birth them is known as the exterogestacion, or pregnancy outside of the uterus.

In the moments after birth, the degree of receptivity of the baby is at its highest levels. An example of this, and an unforgettable experience if you want to try it, is that if you put it on your abdomen, the newborn reptará instinctively to your chest to feed themselves, guided by the smell.

This gesture is known as breastcrawl or I crawl towards the chest, although in reality it is not a crawl, because the newborn is not yet able to crawl. Both have to be naked, skin to skin and the baby should be placed upside down over yours, at the height of your abdomen. Guided by instinct, it will begin tracking movement by pushing with their feet and their arms until reaching the nipple with his mouth.

The first hour is sacred

The first sixty to ninety minutes after the birth, even speaks of the first two hours, is an especially sensitive period with great benefits for the mother and the newborn. A few moments where nothing and no one should separate them; any procedure can wait.

The early contact between both promotes the emotional imprint, is a time to recognize each other, smell, touch, as well as baby begin to feed colostrum, the first substance secreted by the breasts with countless advantages for him.

This first hour is essential for establishment of breastfeeding, a solid foundation for a successful breastfeeding experience.