How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?


How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?

Months ago that Palm oil generated controversy due to its production process and its content in fat, so it has not caught us by surprise reading that some of the major supermarket chains plan to remove this product from their linear. The growing concern of consumers towards Palm oil is the driving factor of this change.

Two of the companies most determined to eliminate all its own brand palm oil are Alcampo and Simply, of the Group Auchan, who are already studying possible alternatives to the use of this product with its suppliers. However, other chains of distribution such as day, Eroski, Lidl and Mercadona also are concerned about the issue and work in the same direction.

Palm oil appears on products

The task will not be easy because, at present, palm oil is the most used in the world, ahead of soybean or rapeseed, in the preparation of large quantity of products of the food industry: creams, toppings, snacks, pre-cooked dishes, spreads, pastries and appetizers, among others. Also used for the manufacture of cleaning products, cosmetics and candles.

How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?

It is an oil rich in saturated fats that far from being a good alternative from the nutritional standpoint, of which should not be abused. Manufacturers are required to indicate their presence on the label and this should provide the consumer the task of deciding whether or not consume the products that bear it, but, let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to look at labels when we go to the supermarket.

How Palm oil consumed per day

Unfortunately (whatever the reason), our purchasing habits cause that we finish filling the larder with less healthy products what we imagine. Our concern as consumers has led us to an exercise with the oil palm in sight and we were surprised to see how Palm oil consume a day without knowing it.

How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?

We started the morning with a breakfast of fruit juice, coffee or tea and a bowl of cereal with milk. We believe that it is a healthy and healthy alternative, but at this start of the day already we are getting into the body certain amount of palm oil without knowing it.

Those who do not conceive the mid morning without a second cup of coffee, perhaps fall into the temptation to join her a biscuit, a handling or a piece of cake (industrial, is clear). And when it comes to the aperitif, how we won’t open that bag of potato chips!

To eat, as we have no time to Cook, toss pantry and found a cream of vegetables that solve us the ballot of the first course and second we prepare a chicken breast grilled with salad garnish. Top the task with a treat in the form of tiramisu or similar. Total, a day is a day.

Snack time is sacred in those homes where there are children (well, in some others also) who, between transfers of the College to the sports centre or the cultural centre where do the extracurricular, will enjoy a rich sadnwich of cocoa and hazelnut cream. That you eat without protest, Angels.

How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?

Finally we arrived at dinner and we are so exhausted that the best thing that comes to mind is turn on the oven and put a pizza. We accompany it with a salad, because the Green helps to see it all better, healthier, although children not eaten as well as the sandwich from the snack. But is that not everything will be sweets isn’t it?

This can be a normal day in the life of any of us, with a lot of foods eaten, weight along its route made with Palm oil: cereals for breakfast, biscuit or mid-morning bollito, potatoes fried appetizer, vegetable cream and tiramisu from the food, the creme de cacao and hazelnut snack sandwich and pizza for dinner.

How can we limit the consumption of palm oil

With this perspective, we cannot to rejoice when we read news like that opens this article about the withdrawal of many supermarkets brand products Palm oil. Moreover, we are looking forward to make a reality. Perhaps their example make that other power companies to climb on the bandwagon for the good of consumers.

How Palm oil consume a day without knowing it?

Meanwhile it depends on us limit the consumption of palm oil and avoid excess saturated fat that this brings. We can achieve this with three simple gestures:

  • Cooking at home using sunflower or olive oil.
  • Away from pre-cooked foods, industrial pastries and other processed products.
  • Read the labels and choose this oil-free products.

Do you fancy them to apply them?