Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu


Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu

We are in the spring and all resurgent us wishes take care of us in the vicinity of the summer, so today we leave once again our help: the light menu of the month that is intended to be a guide to eating more healthy easily.

The light of the month menu

To adapt it to our tastes and needs, we can use this light menu of the month which only represents a guide for each weekly or monthly menu plan and thus, able to eat healthier.

We will start with our suggestions or proposals for breakfast and lunch, remembering that we can adjust the size of the rations and also, a choice and repeat it every day or you go by varying the dishes if we easily fall into monotony when it comes to diet:

  • Glass of milk and pancakes stuffed with cream of peanut and plantain slice.
  • Orange juice and snack made with espresso bread, cheese, tomato, chicken breast of Turkey and avocado.
  • Glass of milk with Saracen wheat soda bread and pumpkin with olive oil and tomato seeds.
  • Oatmeal and banana pancakes

If you wish, you can change the ingredients of each dish or foods that make up your breakfast or snack, remember that our light menu is only a guide that you can make as many changes as you want, provided you never lose the objective of more healthy eating.

Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu

Now yes, we left our proposals for main meals every day of the week, except on Sunday when we leave at its discretion the choice of menu:

  • Monday: noon we suggest a few burritos with spicy tuna and avocado, and for dinner, the recommendation is an accompanied by bimi grilled beef filet with miso, ginger and black garlic.
  • Tuesday: we propose to noon a few burgers with avocado and fresh vegetable salad with quinoa, while for the evening meal suggestion is a ration of juicy chicken breast baked with steamed asparagus.
  • Wednesday: the recommendation for food is a squid ink couscous with meatballs and dinner, a serving of broccoli with Herb frittata.

Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu

  • Thursday: noon we advise a portion of rice and Green Bean Salad, while dinner proposal are fake spaghetti squash with sauce of pesto and tuna.
  • Friday: lunch we recommend a ration of beans and crab sticks salad and for the evening meal, a portion of Roasted Peppers stuffed with tomato sauce and quinoa.
  • Saturday: suggestion for noon is a ration of chateaubriand steak accompanied by baked potatoes for dinner, a few asparagus with poached egg.

Here you can also set the size of the rations to your habits and previous as well as your tastes and needs. It is also possible to modify recipes and change proposals for a day on the other provided they respect the time of day in which arises, because the dishes are chosen on the basis of its nutrients for lunch or dinner.

Healthy eating in Green Health Tips (XLII): the light of the month menu

Tips for completing the light of the month menu

As temperatures begin to rise and the summer increasingly closer, is time to make a change in our kitchen and in addition to include ingredients from station providing nutrients that our body needs precisely this season, we recommend to start to consume fresh preparations with high content aqueous.

Thus, we can add salads, fresh fruits and vegetables to our plates, giving priority to the incorporation of nectarines, apricots, strawberries, medlar, plums, peaches, asparagus and green beans, Zucchini and cucumber which are typical of spring ingredients.

In addition, it is recommended to make dishes with warm or cold temperatures to accompany the change of ambient temperature and can therefore produce creams and cold soups, sauteed, snacks or sandwiches, smoothies, salads and other similar dishes.

Remember that food should nourish but also give us pleasure, so in the middle of the spring, temperate to cold dishes full of color are the most suitable.