Green Health Tips debuts new design with the top stories starring


Green Health Tips debuts new design with the top stories starring

Welcome to the new design of HowStuffWorks! Already a few months that we are implementing a new design in the pages of Weblogs: Engadget, our environment technology, pioneered in November of last year, and since then others of our websites have been adding gradually to this redesign through which we want to continue to offer you the best information on fitness, health and nutrition in a more attractive way.

This redesign includes a new cover that will be easier to navigate and has as main novelty the top stories or stories featured at the top. We told you how is the redesign of HowStuffWorks so you don’t miss anything.

These are the top stories

Green Health Tips debuts new design with the top stories starring

The most apparent change in this new design are the top stories: major and notable articles which will be located at the top of the page and will remain there for a while to facilitate access to them. In this way, issues resulting us most interesting to readers will be within reach of the hand without the need to scroll on the screen and can know, at a glance, what is it that moves at every moment in the world of sport and health.

The top stories will be placed in an upper block where we can find three news and a main story with the most relevant information of the moment. These top stories will be changing so that you don’t miss anything today. In this way more special content is featured at the top of the page.

Under the top stories will still appear the river with the news in chronological order, whereby you can navigate as far, but in a more dynamic way. Made content will be featured by the size of the master image that accompanies it. We will also have a space featured for HowStuffWorks TV videos, so that you have access to this content from the page.

This redesign also includes a change in typography to integrate ourselves with the whole family of means of Weblogs.

Of course, the mobile version of HowStuffWorks also is updated, so you can enjoy this redesign both on your smartphone and on your tablet.