For a real integration: #tiendelamano autism


For a real integration: #tiendelamano autism

Tomorrow April 2 marks the international autism awareness day. The Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities recognizes in article 3 the right to individual autonomy and independence of the people. Also, in article 12, emphasizes that they have “legal capacity” on equal terms with others in all aspects of life. However, this practice is not so.

Therefore, since full Inclusion Madrid they have developed this video who asks us to we tend the hand to people with disorders of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They claim that society is not so individualistic and think more of others, that is supportive to treating people with autism as equals: reach out, not “rescue”.

Thus asserted in the recent day “inclusion is a thing of all: reaches out to Autism”, organized by the Group of experts including Madrid TEA, where arose this awareness video.

In it we see people with ASD and relatives, as well as others that with different motivations for participating in the campaign, offered his direct testimony, talk about the difficulties that are day to day and make your requests:

I don’t want hands to save my sister in the playground.

I would like the hands of a doctor to give us peace of mind.

Do not want hands pointing to my child by playing different.

But if more businessmen who give them a job opportunity, that the Administration and the society shop want to hand more than 350,000 people who there is TEA in Spain.

Public resources are required for the inclusion of persons with disabilities to be effective, to promote inclusive education, for the construction of necessary infrastructures of special education… These are just some of the needs for the real integration of people with ASD. And to make them effective, must reach out to autism from all areas.