Five tips to give the bottle in the best possible way


Five tips to give the bottle in the best possible way

How does prepare a bottle? As simple as follow (at least) Tin instructions or recommendations from health agencies. And does the bottle? It seems as simple as put it in the baby’s mouth and wait for it to eat it, however, there are certain tips that can be taken into account so that they give you in the best possible way.

1 that the powder to mix with hot water

Although we have already discussed on other occasions, and extensively, it makes no sense talking about how to give the bottle in the best possible way and ignore these recommendations that the longer who, the NHS (national health service in England) and the latest guidelines of the Generalitat de Catalunya, covering the latest evidence on the matter: the bottle water must be heated it before mixing with the dust.

According to the above-mentioned official bodies, the best way to prepare a bottle is:

Proper hygiene

Washing your hands and prepare the bottle on a clean surface. The bottle not need to be sterilized, but previously must have been washed properly and left to dry without touching rags or anything like that inside.

Boil water

Water is not boiling because you have to remove dirt or anything like that, is because the powder is not sterile, and to eliminate possible pathogens from dust, water must be hot. The reason for boiling water is to get it to 100 ° C (when it is boiled we know that it is at that temperature) to calculate the time since then. At 100 degrees we can not cast the dust because they catalyse it would harden and also bacterial spores, would be activated so you have to wait until the water is between 90 ° C and 70 ° C.

30 minutes is the maximum time that can be expected to prepare a bottle, as after that time, the water will be below 70 ° C. 5 minutes before it will be too hot, so the window of time for mixing the powder with the water is between 5 and 30 minutes.

Pour the powder in the proper proportion

Once they have passed at least those 5 minutes, pour the powder in the proper proportion: a satin small saucepan for each 30 ml of water, and shake the mixture. Then cool it in cold water and make sure that it does not burn before offering it.

Since prepares there are two hours of margin for the child… take it past two hours have to throw it, because the proliferation of bacteria makes it already a little safe milk for the baby.

If this seems an exaggeration to you…

Five tips to give the bottle in the best possible way

There are many fathers (and mothers) who say they are not going to follow these directions because they think that it is not necessary and that it is an exaggeration (there are health professionals who think alike). In such a case, before making the bottles at room temperature, is recommended as a minimum follow the manufacturer’s instructions (do what the Tin). In most cases refers to heat water up to 40 – 50 ° C, which not ensures the Elimination of micro-organisms from the dust, but it is better to offer a bottle with water at room temperature (ideally are 70 ° C commented on above, but rather than do it with water without heating, you should at least follow the manufacturer’s instructions).

2 use a bottle “to breast feeding”

In recent years have appeared on the market different bottles to imitate as much as possible the type of suction that takes place when breast a breast and flow that the baby receives. Although the goal is that you can do a mixed breastfeeding without risk to that confuse baby to take the breast (with other bottles there are babies who try to imitate suction that make the bottle when the breast is then caught and hurt), may be beneficial for babies will not suck precisely because it can be eaten as babies of teta: demand and suck in a very similar way.

And it is that the bottle is also to demand, without looking at the clock and try your baby finish it. With a bottle whose flow depends on the baby’s sucking, is he who decides at any time if suck more or less, and therefore decide if more or less to eat, and where to stop (even if you want to force, if it does not suck, not milk fall off him).

This is important because it is respected your satiety and their hunger, and in an era in which have childhood obesity epidemic, worth prevent bringing the limit their stomachs (if we do, we risk “stun” the feeling of satiety and cause every time they need more food, unless they really need it: what we know how to make them large stomach).

On the other hand, the type of suction that mimics nursing strengthens the muscles of the jaw that prepare baby for chewing and speech, and help to form the ear canal so there is less risk of otitis. Look if estimated that breastfed babies made a 10% difference more suction movements than the not breastfed. Although 10% may seem little, there are many times that they will eat every day, every week and every month, and that in the long run can cause a significant difference.

3 dale bottle as if the chest

As if the chest out and you do it your attention, of course. Especially in the first months, while you are awake, vale worth eating time pleasant for both, and so recommended giving him the bottle as if you were breastfeeding you: talking to the baby, looking at him, smiling, and changing it’s arm when making a stop (although it can cost to give the bottle with the other hand It seems that in this way stimulates the other cerebral hemisphere of the baby).

4. that is, above all, MOM

Babies are born closely linked with MOM, so ideally, that, is above all, which is responsible for giving the bottles, as it is the case with breastfeeding (only MOM can breast-feed). This results in continuing with those ties between mother and baby, the link, and the mutual affection between the two.

Five tips to give the bottle in the best possible way

If at some point it is better that the father will give it is (for the reason that is), nor it’s okay; but the ideal is to be a divertimento (now Pope, now Grandma, now the cousin, now uncle…), but a moment of connection with the baby, love and make you feel confident and secure. Come on, there are no many people feeding the baby so that the trust relationship is established with MOM, and failing that, with dad.

5. test with different brands of milk

If your baby is that taking artificial milk without many problems (did not have to go changing milk until you gave with which did well), it is recommended that whenever you buy a boat, you do with one of a different brand. Thus it will try other flavors and, as with breastfeeding, will have more diversity on the palate as preparation for the moment on that begin to try new flavors (so indicated, at least the experts who have developed new guidelines for feeding of the Generalitat de Catalunya).

If on the other hand, as I say, it cost a little give the milk that feel you well, better not do many inventions, as they could the symptoms return (there are children who have constipation with some milk brands, which make the poop too much liquid, or that cause you many gases, etc.).