Easy Nutella cake


Easy Nutella cake

We have not always desire to bundle us in the kitchen and have recipes as this easy Nutella cake can fix us a dessert without screwing us. Does not require more that well beat a few eggs, mix them with Nutella and bake the mixture on one base classic biscuit and butter which, if we are rushed and want to simplify even more, we can do without.

An important piece of advice when preparing this easy Nutella cake is the choice of the mould. It is important that, for the amounts indicated, be between 24 and 26 cm in diameter. Thus filling it cook evenly and will not be raw on the inside. If you don’t have these sizes, you can always choose to do two smaller molds.

Ingredients for a cast of 24-26 cm

  • 12 cookies (type digestive), 60 g of butter at room temperature, 15 g of cocoa powder without sugar, 4 eggs “M” and 300 g of Nutella.

How to make easy Nutella cake

As mentioned in the introduction, the base is completely optional. Easy Nutella cake can be prepared without it and turn this recipe into one easier still. However, as it is the elaboration of the biscuit base is very simple, we have decided to incorporate it and thus give you a bit of consistency to this cake.

Crush the crackers with a food processor. If dont’s, we can put them in a plastic bag and crush by hand with the help of a roller. Add the butter together with the cocoa powder and blend or mix again until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. If the result is a dry pasta, you’ll fix it by adding a little butter.

We lined the base of the springform (better) with parchment paper and extend dough biscuit on the entire surface. The Nutella in the microwave on low heat. Beat eggs until whitening and we add the Nutella little by little. We incorporate it with outflanking, gently so they don’t lose eggs air incorporated with the smoothie.

Fill the mold with the mixture of eggs and Nutella and introduce it in the middle of the oven, preheated to 180ºc. Cook for 30 minutes before covering with aluminum foil and finish cooking with 10 minutes more. We opened the door slightly and let the cake is tempered inside for 30 minutes before removing, cool, remove from pan and serve.

Easy Nutella cake

Processing time | 1 hour
Difficulty | Easy


It is not difficult to explain what it means to get a piece of easy Nutella cake in your mouth, you can surely imagine it without that, we have what you. However you can anticipate that the interior of this pie is creamy and contrasts with the crisp cover and brittle base, which makes tremendous enjoyment and that it is difficult to want to eat more and more.