Do mothers sing to their babies?


Do mothers sing to their babies?

Mothers with postpartum depression feel better when they sing to their babies.

In almost all cultures, it is common to be regarded as something normal that mothers sing to their children. However, so far no one had raised the why of this fact. And we say so far, because the Professor of music therapy at the University of Miami, Shannon de l’ Étoile, has been devoted to investigating this seemingly universal behavior, that resists the passage of time.

Sing to their babies benefits to mothers suffering from postpartum depression, because it allows them to deflect attention from negative emotions

The study carried out by l’Etoile raises that, although known by previous studies that babies have the innate ability to process music in a sophisticated way, still not had identified children’s behaviors in response to songs dedicated to their mothers, compared to other common maternal interactions.

Thus, this research, which involved 70 children, found that the song was as effective as reading stories, or play with a toy, in the maintenance of the child care. In addition, it was also found that mother singing better called the attention of the infante to recorded music.

The next step was to analyze the role of the mother in the song, and the results revealed that when the children were entertained with the mother song, his mother instinct was on high alert. Intuitively, when child participation was reduced, the mother fit tone, tempo, or the key to adapt automatically to the child’s needs.

Singing to the baby, beneficial in post-partum depression

According to de l’ Étoile, for mothers with postpartum depression, child singing is a unique and mutually beneficial situation. Through singing, fires in babies a very beneficial sensory stimulation, which can focus and modulate their arousal. At the same time, mothers experience a much-needed distraction from the emotions and negative thoughts associated with depression.