Disney unveils the original ‘Frozen’ end and the reasons to change it


Disney unveils the original ‘Frozen’ end and the reasons to change it

It’s been now nearly four years since the release of ‘Frozen, the Kingdom of the ice’, the tape of Disney that eventually became the animated film highest grossing of all time entering 1,276 million dollars. However, the feature film directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee was about to be very different and now made public his original ending and the reasons why it was decided to change it.

Peter De el Vecho, producer of ‘Frozen’, has been which has unveiled the outcome laid down initially in an interview with EW, but that to reach it also has followed a very different path based on the premise that Elsa was a spiteful woman after having been planted at the altar on their wedding day, so he decides to freeze his heart never to never love again which joined the prophecy that a ruler as well would the destruction to Arendelle:

In all films in which we work, at the end the own tape tells you what has to be, if you’re smart enough to listen to it, leads you to an address other than that was perhaps your preconceived idea.

When we started with ‘Frozen’, Anna and Elsa were not sisters. They were not even royalty. Anna was not a Princess. ELSA was a self-proclaimed Queen of the ice, but she was a villain and pure evil – more like the story of Hans Christian Andersen-. We started with a wicked villain and an innocent female heroine and the end meant a big epic battle with monsters of snow that Elsa was created as his army…

Disney unveils the original ‘Frozen’ end and the reasons to change it

In the original ending, Kristoff came to the rescue at the last moment emulating Han Solo, but Hans unveiled their dark intentions and to stop troops of Elsa caused an avalanche no matter that jeopardize Anna, Elsa, and all Arendelle. That’s when Anna discovers that Elsa is their only hope and manages to convince her to save the realm with his powers.

The giro was in the frozen heart was actually something metaphorical and alluded to Hans, which was actually a sociopath without feelings. Later Elsa defrosted his heart, allowing herself back to love. Of the Vecho confesses that they were not very pleased with this outcome and gives us his reasons:

The problem was that we feel as if this film would have seen it before. It was not satisfactory. We didn’t have any emotional connection with Elsa. We do not preocupábamos us by it because he had spent the entire film being the villain. We were not attracted. You could not identify with the characters.

There was when Buck and Lee, who is also the scriptwriter of the film, began to arise if Elsa had actually to be a villain or what would happen if she and Anna were sisters. This last ended resulting in a Summit with Disney employees to ask for real-life experiences with their families that can inspire to make closer the relationship between Anna and Elsa as sisters:

Relate them led us to the idea that lived in fear of her powers. And if she is afraid of who? And fear of hurting people you love? We now had a character in Anna that was all about love and Elsa who was all about fear. That led Elsa to have a character with more dimension and empathetic, and instead of the traditional theme of the good against the bad, we had one that seemed closest to us: love versus fear and the premise of the film became in that love is stronger than fear.

Disney unveils the original ‘Frozen’ end and the reasons to change it