Despite being divorced, each year take a family with his son photo


Despite being divorced, each year take a family with his son photo

When a family is separated, it is a very bitter experience. It doesn’t matter if the separation was on friendly terms, or if they don’t want to return to see never, ultimately, one of the saddest things is to see how a family disintegrates.

But when we went through this process there is something that we must be very clear: the most important thing in any separation are the children. And this is something that is very clear about separate parents, because for them despite being divorced will always be a family.

From 2013, Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson from United States, taken a family photo together. The first one was when were expecting their baby Bruce and Victoria was in the last week of pregnancy. Since then, they decided to start a tradition: take a family picture each year.

A couple of years later, in 2015, Victoria and Adam are divorced and took separate paths. But a tradition stayed: your annual family photo. She sent her story to the page of Love What Matters on Facebook that has why despite having divorced continue respecting this family tradition.

“The two photos above were taken when Adam and I were married. The two below, were taken almost a year later and then two years after our divorce was completed. We are not in love, we are not always in agreement, we are not best friends, even at times we do not fall well. But you know what Yes we are? We are a couple that will be forever connected by our beautiful, intelligent, kind, compassionate and funny son. We respect each other. We remind us that none of our roles as parents takes precedence over the other – none of us is more important than the other in the life of our son. The two we need to be there, the two need quality time and create memories with him. Neither blame each other by the way our relationship took. Not add us blame to the other, and certainly not miss us the fault in the presence of our son.

Adam and I we are not perfect parents, but we made a deal when we got divorced, put our son first and value the richness that each brings to their lives, for different reasons. So yes, we are still making us a family photo, and still pay a good amount of money to have the images printed and framed in our son’s room. “It may not grow with parents living in the same House… but the grow seeing respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, perseverance, flexibility and even sacrifice, modeled by their parents and will know that it is possible to be in love, but never separated.”

Currently Victoria and Adam live at ends other than country, she in Alaska and in South Carolina, and although it is not easy to organize themselves to take a family picture, they continue the effort for every 12 or 18 months. They have taken advantage when victory will leave Bruce to spend a season with his dad and vice versa, also are constantly in communication, sharing and talking about including everything to do with your child.

This is no doubt a nice story of how a couple makes it possible for their separation does not affect your child, because in the end, although they do not continue together they are still parents. Certainly one never gets married thinking it will then be separated, but it seems to me that this is a nice story that reminds us of and shows that it is possible to raise together despite being separated.