Children and Instagram: rules of use to protect your children


Children and Instagram: rules of use to protect your children

Instagram is a social network that more is growing among teenagers. Although he was born as a social network focused on photography, it has evolved into a much more social form in which users share snapshots of your everyday life, have the possibility of contact with others and thanks to the new “Your story” feature to publish stories that fans can be seen 24 hours.

There comes a time where our children ask us to create a profile on this social network. Instagram requires that its users have at least 14 years old to create an account, and thus also establishes it Spanish law for the use of social networks, there are many children that age who use them. No less than 72% of 11 to 14 years with smartphone users access social networks from your terminal. If you are going to allow your children to have an account on Instagram, there are some rules of use that you should know to protect them.

Tips for safe use of Instagram

Children and Instagram: rules of use to protect your children

Until your child begins to use this social network, it is important that you consensuéis certain rules, even them can write and signed by both parties to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Here are some:

Keep the private profile

Unlike a public account, having a private profile, the user is who authorizes or not his followers. Under your supervision, is a way to keep people who follow your son controlled and avoid visits from strangers. This is very easily configured from the edition of the profile.

Only accept known

Previous functionality allows you to maintain a privacy Bill, limiting the number of followers just acquaintances. One of the biggest attractions for young users is to get a large number of followers, but the risk that many of them are unknown.

Think about it well before uploading a photo

Especially if we talk about children and adolescents, it is important to teach them to make it think very well before uploading an inappropriate photo. Each family will impose on their children rules deemed as such, not upload photos in underwear or bathing suit, not upload photos without the approval of those that appear on it, etc.

Eye with those who share your photos and videos

Unfortunately, social networks are today one of the main ways of bullying among children. Put a photo or video in the wrong hands can have serious consequences. And although they do not share it, there are applications that photos of a profile (which is not deprived) can be downloaded.

Anyone can copy it and paste it into another site. Teach them to be responsible with content shared with others, even if they are known.

Free access for parents

If your child asks you to open a profile on Instagram, the first thing that must be clear is that you, the parents, can access the account at all times.

From your own account you can see what is published, but you can access, for example to direct messages or pictures that has been tagged.

How to block users

It is important that you know the functionality on how to block users when someone is bothering you or decide that you want not to have that person among his followers.

Not show location

Instagram allows you to specify the location where it has been made a photo or video. It avoids that they do, or at least who do not climb photo from that place at that time, which would make it later from a different site.

It is not suitable to reveal private information in the profile as to what school goes, in which club to practice sport or plans to travel or vacation.

Warn whenever there are at the moment any contact

At the moment in which an unknown established contact, the child should immediately notify parents, and depending on the situation, they will make appropriate decisions. There is always the possibility to block it and report the user to the social network.

To expand these, Instagram has published their “help” their own safety tips for parents you can check this link.