Causes of the bad smell of feet


Causes of the bad smell of feet

The bad smell of feet often lead to embarrassing situations for those who have this problem when there are people to her around, especially if it is not even necessary that it mismatch so that others perceive the aroma given off. It’s an unpleasant time for those who have to breathe the odor, but especially for who exudes it, by shame that others are thinking that is not ASEAN. However, there are cases where even the hygiene awareness in that area is capable of removing the stench. For this reason, it is important that you seek the causes and appropriate solutions if your feet smell bad.

The first thing is to understand what is behind this problem, whose scientific name is podobromhidrosis. Dr. Constanza Bahillo, dermatologist of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, explains odor “produced by the proliferation of bacteria caused by moisture arising out of sweat in this part of the body”. When these microorganisms come in contact with the air and break down causing an unpleasant smell, but neither sweat nor the eccrine glands covering the feet smell, explains the specialist.

This circumstance affects especially to teenagers, but anyone can go through stages of his life that his feet smell cheese, as they say colloquially, since the bacteria that cause this discomfort may occur due to:

  • A poor diet, high in saturated fat.
  • The spread of fungi, especially in summer in areas where in addition to heat any moisture.
  • Hormonal changes, reason why the bad smell of feet has a higher incidence in young people.
  • Changes in our metabolism.
  • Nervous disorders such as stress, which causes that we sudemos more.
  • The consumption of drugs.
  • Some diseases, such as diabetes, that patients tend to sweat more.

When odor persists

For some people, the podobromhidrosis may become a real problem when much that wash your feet odor does not go away. It is for those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis planting, a condition that consists of producing sweat excessively without making a physical effort or that there are external factors that will increase your body temperature, as for example the heat of the summer. Constant humidity which is undergoing the foot becomes an ecosystem suitable for the cultivation of bacteria or fungi.

This disorder will need the attention of a specialist as a dermatologist or Podiatrist to find a remedy or, at least, a palliative method that conceals the bad smell of feet.

Causes of the bad smell of feet

Topical antiperspirants prevent sweating and odor caused by bacteria

Although the bad smell of feet does not represent a health problem in its own right, for many people it is a drawback in their social relations. The most advisable in that case is to resort to the help of a specialist; However, as noted by the dermatologist Constanza Bahillo, “people does not attend the inquiry because it ashamed of it or because it underestimated this issue”. Don’t fall into that error if really you are worried this problem, because there are different options to eliminate odors.

The remedy to the podobromhidrosis will depend on the degree of sweating that your feet are daily subjected. From least to most serious, you can clear the odors through:

  • Hygiene: in the majority of cases, frequent and localized cleaning with antibacterial soap can solve the bad smell of feet.
  • Ointments or antibacterial powders: are the next step when, daily washing fails to resolve the podobromhidrosis. Currently, there are many products of this type in the market, so it is not difficult to find them in the pharmacy.
  • Antiperspirants topics: in persistent cases, these substances tackled sweat, and therefore unpleasant odours caused by bacteria. These products contain notable amounts of aluminum chlorate, preventing transpiration, and can also be found in pharmacies or supermarkets.
  • Anticholinergic drugs: are drugs that block sweat glands, in this case of the feet.
  • Lock with botulinum toxin: this method inhibits perspiration, but only during the months that its effects last.
  • Surgery: must be the last options, only for those cases in which all the above options have failed. There are different types of operations, but the most common pass through the Elimination of the glands eccrine or sympathectomy, which knocked out them.

Causes of the bad smell of feet

Wash your feet daily to eliminate odor, two or three times if necessary.

Hygiene is not always enough to stop the bad smell of feet, it is essential both to solve the problem, how to prevent it. Even if you shower yourself on a daily basis, it may be necessary to influence in a special way in that part that holds our body. Here are some tips related to daily hygiene that will serve to combat the podobromhidrosis:

Causes of the bad smell of feetWash them daily, if necessary two or three times. Although just the majority of people showering so that they do not smell them toes, it can not be your case. Especially if you’re an athlete, you have to clear them whenever necessary.

Causes of the bad smell of feetIt has an impact on the gap that exists between your fingers because it is an area where tends to concentrate more dirt, and also remains longer wet than the rest of the foot.

Causes of the bad smell of feetTake care of your nails, since they can also be the focus of the odor-causing bacteria. It is important to keep them clean and well cut.

Causes of the bad smell of feetUse deodorants to perfume your feet. TALC can also be a good option to prevent the problem.

Causes of the bad smell of feetAn effective home remedy is to submerge your feet in water with a tablespoon of baking soda, since this substance eliminates unpleasant odours.

Causes of the bad smell of feetIt allows your feet to breathe. Whenever you can, taking them off you so that they are in the open air.

Another fundamental aspect that influences the increase of perspiration of the foot and, therefore, the concentration of bacteria, is footwear. In addition to hygiene, it is important to take into account some recommendations to protect our feet, like for example:

Causes of the bad smell of feetUse breathable shoes: materials such as leather or cotton canvas allow filtration of the air; However, others like paste of some soles get the opposite effect. For this reason, it’s wear shoes or slippers that lead out sweat. In summer the best choice are sandals, with which the foot is completely in the open.

Causes of the bad smell of feetWhen you have to use a public pool or gym shower, you always carry with you a pair of sandals that prevent your feet come in contact with the ground. In this way you prevent the spread of fungi.

Causes of the bad smell of feetTo remove the bacteria from the inside of the shoe you can apply an antiseptic spray or talcum powder on the inside.

Causes of the bad smell of feetTry not to use every day the same footwear. It seeks to combine different pairs throughout the week, and leaves that they aired during the nights in the window or on the terrace.

Causes of the bad smell of feetIn addition to footwear, the kind of sock or media that you use also, it relates the bad smell of feet. Avoid synthetics and breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool, thread, or silk uses. And, of course, change torque whenever you sudes.

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