Bring Sally up: a challenge to test your arms in three minutes


Bring Sally up: a challenge to test your arms in three minutes

Surely you’ve seen in recent months a fitness challenge lurking out social networks, primarily on Instagram and Youtube. It is the challenge of “Bring Sally up”: three and a half minutes of music to test the strength of your arms and your chest through push-ups. It may seem easy, but when you get down to the work the thing you change, so we encourage you to try in your own flesh.

The challenge mechanic is very simple: look on Youtube for the song Moby Flower (many probably know it because the song’s initial credit titles of the film is 60 seconds (Dominic Sena, 2000).) This song is rhythmically repeating in his letter “Bring Sally up and bring Sally down;” lift and squat, gotta tear the ground”a lot of times. The only thing we have to do is to put in a plank position and do what tells us the song: in each “Bring Sally down” we make a bending of arms and we stay down until it starts to say “Brins Sally up”.

We have tested it, and you teach how gone us.

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The crux of the matter in this challenge is that we have to keep with the muscles activated all the time: when you’re ‘up’ you are in plank position, and while you’re “down” you hold the type as you can you keep in the isometric flexion position for a few seconds that are eternal.

We invite you all to try the challenge with curl and you share it on Instagram with the hashtag #Green Health TipsBringSallyUp and labeling to the HowStuffWorks profile so that increasingly more people participate in this challenge of exercise in a fun way.

You can also try it with other exercises such as squats (fairly easy with curl) or, if anyone is encouraged and is so brave, with pull-up (I applaud from same).

Good luck and for it!