Beautiful reaction of a girl deaf to see that characters Disney talk about him with signs (video)


Beautiful reaction of a girl deaf to see that characters Disney talk about him with signs (video)

When Shylee went to Disney World with his family made him especially excited because I was going to know the characters from the films. I knew them because I had seen them on TV, although I had never heard them. I went to see this fantasy world willing to have fun, while aware that he could not talk to them, and that they could not talk to her.

However, when I least expected it, Bell began to refer to it with sign language, and the surprise was.

To feel one more

Then it it seemed a magical place. A place where he could also be one little girl. A place with people who could understand him and that could “hear”.

And it is that Shylee parents are also deaf, and they have grown up in a world in which have had to adapt to forced marches and do the possible and the impossible to make themselves understood. A world that small gestures can be changed to be more inclusive, as in the College of the little girl, where she may already be one more.

Disney ever more workers know sign language

And this is great news: responsible for the park themed Disney thought it was not only important to learn different languages to be able to go to tourists who come to meet them, but also to learn sign language, for all deaf children who would also want to talk with them, and to make them feel like the others.

Why Disney decided to invite Shylee family back to his Park and make a video to explain its story, and to show that not only Bell speaks in the language of signs, but also Minnie:

Do not you think a big news? Disney can speak much, for good and for bad, but manage without doubt when they do their best to bring a smile of children who have a little bit more difficult for the reason that is.