A diet well-planned Vegan is healthy for children


A diet well-planned Vegan is healthy for children

After two years, children can follow the same diet as their parents, obtaining vitamin B12 through supplements.

A vegan diet also is appropriate for children, provided that it is supplemented with vitamin B12, such and as States, among other communities and medical societies, the American Academy of nutrition and dietetics, which experts say that a vegan diet is appropriate and fully healthy for all children, the age you have, provided that it is well planned.

A diet vegan is perfectly appropriate and healthy for children, provided that it is well planned and is supplemented with vitamin B12

Otherwise, cases such as those that occurred in Italy can be given when the last year 2016, two children had to be admitted to serious, supposedly to follow State vegan parents, diet a fact that, as they argued in their day many specialists, has little to do with a diet vegan or vegetarian, but rather with uninformed parents.

Many of these professionals argue that it is the lack of information that families who want to go vegan, or vegetarian diets have which might endanger the health of minors, by putting it in contrast with what happens in other European countries, where the workforce is formed in them, and provides routine advice to patients.

That is why, before the normalization of this type of diets among families, which increasingly include the younger members of the House, the Pediatric Spanish Association of primary care (AEPap) last week organized a seminar to update under the title vegetarian kids, healthy kids?, sought to inform physicians about how you should plan a diet of these features to make it healthy , since most of the toilets do not receive this type of training, unless they do so in their personal capacity.

Recommendations on a diet vegan kids

As for the recommendations offered to the medical staff, it insists that mothers vegan who breast-feed their children supplement their diet with vitamin B12 and iodine. In the case of babies from six months, pediatricians recommend to introduce complementary feeding, in which meat can be substituted with legumes such as lentils or chickpeas, as well as peas or tofu.

From the age of two, children can follow the same diet as their parents, getting nutrients such as proteins, fats or calcium, products of plant origin. Only vitamin that must be supplemented thereafter will be B12, since it only found naturally in animal foods.