37 fish recipes


37 fish recipes

Both for those who follow the tradition of not eating meat during Lent and to practice fasting, like those that not, the truth is that the fish is a food that should be included in our daily diet for its multiple benefits, but, be sincere, sometimes is not the option chosen by lack of ideas that encourage you to prepare it.

For this reason, taking advantage of the time in which we find ourselves, we have prepared a compilation with the best 37 direct fish recipes on the palate, from cod to salmon, going through a lot of varieties more would you like to renew your repertoire of recipes? Don’t miss our delicious suggestions.

37 fish recipes

Cod recipes

One of the tastiest fish we cook is cod, both fresh and salted, and is also the basis for many of our traditional recipes. If you use salted you must be forward-looking enough to desalt them in advance, so you should take this into account between 24 and 48 hours in advance.

It is delicious accompanied by potatoes or caramelized peppers, as you can see in the recipes that we propose, in addition is the complement ideal in rice or, less common, with pasta as macaroni. If you like the dishes aromatic and oriental air, surely you will love flavoured with lemon harissa.

  • Timbale of cod with caramelized peppers
  • Potato and cod croquettes
  • Rice with cauliflower and cod
  • Rice with cod and egg Curry
  • Macaroni with cod, olives and raisins
  • Cod with harissa lemon crust
  • Cod baked with Albariño, thyme and Rosemary

Salmon recipes

37 fish recipes

Due to the amount of healthy fats containing salmon, as the Omega 3, is one of the most beneficial fish that we consume. Its meat, very juicy and pink hue, has a soft and delicate texture that is perfect if not cooking too. With a little imagination, you can cook it original and different every day.

Normally you would cook grilled or baked, with accompaniments light, such as a sauce or a crust of mustard and parsley. It is a very suitable fish for dinner, or when you want not too copious dish. You can also boil it, cook it steamed or in foil, or put it as filler in pasta or omelettes.

  • Salmon baked in a sweet and sour sauce
  • Terrine of salmon and cheese with dill
  • Salmon en croûte
  • Baked noodles with mirin sauce salmon
  • Salmon baked with a crust of mustard and parsley

Recipes with hake

37 fish recipes

Hake is one of the softer fish and most likely of all the options that we can find, not for nothing it is the favourite of children, also because it is almost spines and that makes it easy to eat it. Does not need very long cooking, by what we can use to prepare it when we hurry time.

In addition, it is easy to digest, it has few calories, and is rich of proteins, vitamins and minerals, so it is ideal for cooking, for example, accompanied by prawns or mussels or as a salty cake, as that I propose below.

  • Hake with tomatoes and mussels in pickled sauce
  • Haddock, leek and poppy seed cake
  • Cava with prawns hake
  • Malaga gazpacho
  • Haddock and Bacon Salt cake

Sea bass recipes

37 fish recipes

Sea bass is smooth and tasty, so it is considered a luxury fish, because their quality is high and is difficult to find in other fish. You can find wild and farm, which makes that I can eat almost throughout the year. It is very easy to cook because its own flavor does not need too much dressing.

Try to prepare it in salt, it will retain all its flavor when cooked in its own juices, although you can also try make it in ceviche, a more novel form of test that I assure you that you’ll. The cider is also delicious, so we offer two spectacular recipes which will cost you choose.

  • Sea bass with tomato concasse
  • Sea bass with clams cider
  • Sea bass in salt
  • Sea bass roasted with vegetables “root” in cider
  • Ceviche of sea bass and thai chile

Recipes with tuna

37 fish recipes

Tuna is the King of blue fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. There are other ways to cook it in the form of slices, as accompanied by tomato, onion or even tartar. The most valuable part is the belly, to cook it just seared for a few minutes, just spray it with a drizzle of oil, vinegar or soy sauce.

  • Tuna to the puttanesca
  • Glazed tuna to the miso with tender bean salad
  • Tuna Tartar
  • Tacos of tuna marinated with thyme and lemon
  • Salad with tuna and seaweed with avocado poke

Recipes with sardines

37 fish recipes

Summer is the best time to enjoy this small blue fish delicious and unmistakable taste and great nutritional and gastronomic, value that is delicious both fresh and canned. Even the price is attractive compared to other varieties.

If you have never done them in coca saltwater or pie, you have to try them because you love, even though they are equally delicious, pickled the same that in rolls. As you can see, there are many other options to prepare them apart from roast.

  • Sardine rolls with baked vegetables
  • Crunchy coca of sardines in salt and Couscous
  • Crispy sardines and cream cheese rolls
  • Escabeche of sardines
  • Galician empanada of sardines

Other fish recipes

37 fish recipes

There are many other varieties of fish, that is why we cannot fail to mention a small collection of them, if you have the opportunity to try them. Baked snapper and sea bream are delicious, but if you like the flavors strong and intense, you escogeréis the caramel in brine, as it is done in Ibiza, or anchovies in vinegar. As you can see there are many options for eating fish.

  • Snapper baked with coci-roasted potatoes
  • Baked sea bream
  • Caramel in brine
  • Anchovies in vinegar
  • Baked turbot with potatoes