17 a very international Easter recipes


17 a very international Easter recipes

If I read from some time now, you know that I love to take advantage of the festivities to look me over the cuisine from other corners of the world. It can that you have an international family has to influence me, but I think that these culinary trips you can do from home are one of the best things about the cuisine. That is why I propose today a very international Easter with these 17 recipes to prepare these days.

Already toured the world with dishes from different countries during the Carnival and Easter could not be less. Here religion plays an important role, but he lives differently according to each Christian culture and the evolution of each country. I acknowledge that I can my more greedy side and eyes I was going during dessert, but in Easter what most strikes me are the masses of bakery sweet and colorful, ideal for family celebrations. Are you coming travel?

Cod recipes

17 a very international Easter recipes

The tradition of not eating meat on Fridays of Lent is extended to the whole Catholic World, is practised more or less. The fish and shellfish now charge their prominence, even in Spain where we have more custom opt for cod and sardines. If at this point you’re already bored cod recipes typical of our traditional recipes, why not try a version that out of the ordinary at this time?

For example, taking advantage of the fabulous skrei cod season, you can mark you a luxury dish following this recipe baked with a crust of mustard and herbs, very simple and quick but with a spectacular result. Another option, also in the oven, is the cod agrodolce with leeks, which combines tastes sweet and sour following a typical Italian recipe. And if you prefer something more exotic you can try red cod and pumpkin, delicious curry served with basmati rice.

We could not forget our Portuguese neighbors and their fascinating recipes of dishes of cod. It is said that they have a recipe for every day of the year, and we encourage you to travel by land to find out firsthand. Meanwhile, you can encourage you with delicious recipes like bacalhau com natas, irresistible in its au gratin, Golden cod or bacalhau à Brás, of which we have also several tricks to come out perfect, or the delicious cod to the Gomes de Sá, one of the most famous recipes.

Dessert recipes

17 a very international Easter recipes

On the sweeter side lose to me the special editions of chocolate with themed shapes, and eggs can become a very attractive Dessert recipe Easter eggs with cheese and mango mousse. These candies bring me nostalgic childhood memories, when Swiss family sent us a sweet range of these temptations for children. But even though today the shops offer all Easter candy, most traditional dessert recipes are not lost.

In Italy, for example, there is a great traditional recipes of sweets associated with Christian holidays, although many are originally pagan. I really like the Neapolitan pastiera, a dough cake pastry stuffed with milk, wheat, eggs, ricotta and many delicious scents. Simple but also highly recommended is this cake Italian Easter, ideal to make with kids at home, just like these cookies or these other threads of Easter.

17 a very international Easter recipes

The mona de Pascua understood as a decorated cake to entertain family or godchildren is a tradition in certain areas of Spain. They tend to be chocolate, butter or cream, but Maria Jose knew how to give an international flair using a recipe for Red Velvet Cake in mona’s Easter with meringue Buttercream. Also can give a twist to the classic toast changing base, as in the caramelized croissant toast with fruit, a kind of kitchen very sweet Spanish-French fusion.

Other recipes

17 a very international Easter recipes

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is very typical to find something special bread recipes to celebrate Easter in many countries of Christian tradition. On good Friday, Sunday or Easter Monday the families gather to share simple meals with spring air, sometimes with a main course like roast lamb and other dishes more spring a bit of pecking.

Breads enriched with butter, sugar, milk and other ingredients are common to many countries. They can be twisted, Crown or large pan, sometimes imitating sheep, rabbits and lambs. A good example is this Italian bread of Passover, which goes well to accompany with something sweet and salty, while the great Neapolitan delicacies is almost a banquet by itself.

17 a very international Easter recipes

Another great recipe that we can add to foods of Easter is the torta pascualina, a typical Ligurian salty cake stuffed with spinach, cheese and eggs, with many herbs. And finally to leave Italy to recommend a few tender muffins British, special for good Friday, the Hot Cross Buns. Delicious well-greased with butter and jam, but also very rich to accompany lunch or snack.

Among our traditional recipes and all those who come to us from other parts of the world have Holy week repertoire to cover an entire month. Do you want to give Easter a more international flair? The toast can coexist seamlessly with other sweets and cod will not complain if we leave our most typical dishes from time to time. Do you know what other Easter recipes?