1,600 euros fine for speaking evil of the teacher in class WhatsApp group


1,600 euros fine for speaking evil of the teacher in class WhatsApp group

Now even private whatsapp groups are private, so when it comes to inform us we must be careful with what is said and how it is said. The fever of the groups of WhatsApp of parents of the schools, including teachers not part, can be at times discussions, debates or criticism, which are not always harmless.

At least this is what we can conclude after seeing that the prosecution is seeking 1,600 euros fine to the mother of a child who is fifth of child in Vigo, which spoke of a teacher in the group, alerting other mothers.

The mother’s words

As we read in the Faro de Vigo, the mother said this in the Group of the class:

I’m going to tell my son that are suffering. The Professor G.H. is dedicated to sift it in bad ways, throwing arm, teases him, eat you the sandwich… By this I mean that you controléis your children and ask them for this individual.

The words came out of the Group and arrived to the address of the school, so the teacher learned of this and decided to denounce. Thus, the mother ended up on the bench of the Criminal Court of Vigo (Spain) 3, accused of committing a crime of slander against him and fined to pay 1,600 euros for writing “descalificativos to the good name and decency of the offended”, according to the Prosecutor.

I just wanted to tell and know if it happened to other children

The mother, at the trial, acknowledged as the author of the whatsapp and explained that he did not “mood to offend”, but with the intention of knowing if also happened with other students, because that was what his son had told him.

To create a stir following the message, mother apologized both personally and through the group, but the teacher did not consider that the apology would be enough: “she apologized the WhatsApp for that message, but not the content. This comment has been an insult to my credibility, I have lost weight and has generated comments from parents against me that are not true.” Furthermore, it was that because of the event had “broken magic” with the students of that class.

Your snack you could eat?

The teacher works at the Center since 1985, and apparently no has ever had similar problems (at least according to tell the head of studies and education inspector). In reference to whether eating the sandwich, the Professor explained this:

I like to awaken in them the creativity and play with the senses. For this reason we play with food, we touch it before we smell it, my students see me and tell me the sausage monster, and so the child can say me as their sandwich, but we are only playing. I don’t want this to become a problem, but I don’t want to go on tiptoe.

Many data are missing

I I dare not tell who is right of the two, nor I am nobody to say, precisely because many data are lacking. We only know what the mother, based on the words of the child, and the affected two, child and the teacher said, we only have the version of it.

The mother wanted to put on notice to other parents, seeking in addition his opinion, if someone else had happened to him, and what happened was that some parents were put on alert, the debate was generated and thus arrived at the address.

What would have been the wiser? That mother was directed directly to the teacher or to the address of the school to ask about it, based on the words of the child. Confirm the guilt of the teacher, then yes it could give notice, or ask measures so that it does not repeat. But this is something that is usually considered in hindsight… than usual is that parents ask other parents if it happens to them, to somehow confirm the version of the son, and then act.

But I repeat, I speak without knowing because data are missing. Important of this publication is to make mothers and fathers to reach what we say on WhatsApp groups can reach the courts.